Windtalkers Full Movie


Original Name: Windtalkers

Genre: Action, Drama, War

Language: English, Navajo, Japanese

IMDB Rating: 6.0


Release Date: 14 June 2002


Download Windtalkers Full Movie and it is 2002 Hollywood action, drama and war film directed by John Woo. During World War II, USMC Cpl.

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Enders F. Joseph “Joe” returns to active service with the help of your pharmacist, Rita, who earlier after surviving a terrible struggle in Solomon Islands by the Japanese Imperial, who killed their employees and make him nearly deaf in the explosion of a Japanese Granada. Ender’s new mission is to protect the Navajo code talker Pvt.

Yahzee promotes Sergeant Enders. Sgt. Pete ‘Ox “Anderson may protect a Navajo code talker Pvt parallel command. Charlie Whitehorse. The Navajo code, as it was called, was a code based on two elements: 1) the (notoriously difficult to learn or understand) the Navajo language ; and 2) a steel recessed, which means that even confused with the language.

Presumably, this code was near indestructible, but so difficult only a few people who could actually learn. Yahzee and Whitehorse, lifelong friends of the Navajo tribe, can send and receive encrypted messages battleships Japanese bombing direct strong positions.

Enders and Anderson are told by the Navajo always caught tortured to death in the code may not fall into enemy hands, which means that it will become messengers dead code if capture is imminent. The invasion of Saipan Yahzee and Whitehorse first combat experience. After the bridge was put in fierce fighting, the Marines according to friendly fire from American artillery.

Radio Yahzee destroyed and the convoy can not cancel the bombings. Without the ability to communicate and American bullets rained artillery Yahzee hides the Japanese Imperial soldier and take the slip behind enemy lines Enders as a prisoner of war in search of a radio. Enders eliminates Yahzee some Japanese soldiers and forced to kill before killing a Japanese radio operator before redirecting the American artillery fire on the Japanese position.

Yahzee sent to the headquarters that night and camp marines in a village, Tanapag, believed to be insured. Later in the morning, to the Japanese soldiers attack. During the fight, killing Anderson and Whitehorse is about to be captured by the Japanese. Enders looks Whitehorse beaten and dragged by the Japanese and tries to shoot the kidnappers gun, but is short on ammunition.

Enders prepares Granada Whitehorse as he nods, making Enders launch Granada against him to protect the code and the subsequent explosion kills both Whitehorse and Japanese captors. Yahzee returns to the first line, and soon learns that Enders Whitehorse killed. Infuriated Yahzee Enders pointing the gun and try to kill him, but dare not.

Soon after, the marines are deployed in another mission. But they are again in an ambush, this time near a minefield mortals. Barely able to fight your way out of the kill zone and take cover ripped in an old song of battle, Marines in the Japanese artillery fire coming on top of the same mountain range that decimates advance to see US troops during their position.

Still furious over the death of Whitehorse, Yahzee cobra Japanese online without fear, and thus affect the need to speak on the radio bombings. In battle, Yahzee and Enders is both shots to get on the radio and called in an airstrike artillery.

Enders can bring Yahzee after taking a shot in the chest in a safe manner. Flights friends come and successfully destroyed the Japanese position but Enders was mortally wounded. With his last breath, Enders admits he hates to kill Whitehorse and that his mission was to protect the code above everything.

Back in the US, Yahzee, his wife and his son sitting on top of Point Mesa in Monument Valley, Arizona, and perform the ritual to pay respects the man who saved his life Navajo. In the epilogue, the film explains that the Navajo code was key to the success of the US in the war against Japan, and the rest of the war, the code has never been interrupted. So Download Windtalkers Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.