We Were Soldiers Full Movie

We Were Soldiers

Original Name: We Were Soldiers

Genre: Action, Drama, History

Language: English, Vietnamese, French

IMDB Rating: 7.1

Country: ,

Release Date: 1 March 2002


Download We Were Soldiers Full Movie and it is 2002 Hollywood action, drama and history film directed by Randall Wallace. A unit of French patrol in Vietnam in 1954, during the final year of the first Indochina war is attacked by the forces of the North Vietnamese Army. Nguyen Huu An NVA commander orders his soldiers to “kill all shipping and will stop coming.”

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Eleven years later, the US is fighting the Vietnam War. USA. Army Lt. Col. Hal Moore (Mel Gibson) is selected to form and lead a battalion. After arriving in Vietnam, he learns that a US base was attacked and was ordered to be 400 men of the enemy and eliminate the attackers Vietnamese, despite the fact that intelligence has no idea how much the enemy troops.

He wears a cavalry unit of the air in the Ia Drang Valley. After landing in the “valley of death”, the soldiers learn that the position that has been sent is actually the base camp for a veteran of the distribution of the 4,000 men of the North Vietnamese Army.

Upon arrival in the area with a platoon of soldiers, seeing Lieutenant Henry Herrick scout the enemy runs after him, and ordered his soldiers unwilling to follow. The Vietnamese browser pulls a trap, resulting in more men killed, including Lieutenant Herrick and his subordinates. The remaining members of the team are surrounded not be withdrawn.

Sgt. Savage assumed command called in artillery, and uses the darkness of the night for the Vietnamese invasion keep your little “defensive. At the same time off constantly units helicopters, manages Colonel Moore to fix flaws before the Vietnamese can benefit.

On the second day, despite being trapped and desperate in the minority, the greatest strength of America’s ability to maintain the Vietnamese artillery, mortars and stop helicopter flight supplies and reinforcements. Finally, the master Vietnamese Nguyen Huu an order for a large-scale attack against the US position.

If being overrun by the enemy and options, Moore first orders Lieutenant Charlie Hastings, his flight controller forward, to call in “Broken Arrow” (an invitation to all to fight and attack enemy positions airplane, also close to the position of US troops and a position has been invaded and you can not defend).

Attack aircraft with bombs, napalm and machine guns, killing many soldiers and Viet Cong PAVN; but friendly fire incident leads to death in the United States. The second attack is rejected and survivors Vietnamese American soldiers led by Sgt. Savage saved.

Moore troops to regroup, secure the area, and stopped at the foot of a hill. The master Vietnamese planning a last assault on Americans and send most of his troops to complete the attack. The Vietnamese have created strong positions in hiding near the entrance to the underpass to the command post that tells the browser.

Hal and his men come to them, but before that the Vietnamese can shoot, Major Bruce “Snake Shit” Crandall and others in helicopters Attacke Vietnamese, forcing the destruction of much of the enemy. Nguyen Huu An, Vietnamese commander warns that the Americans broke through the lines and not between US troops and his picket. As commander had deployed his reserve forces for an offensive end and the base camp has no troops seize military, the commander recommended Vietnamese headquarters was evacuated quickly. So Download We Were Soldiers Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.