Twins Full Movie


Original Name: Twins

Genre: Comedy

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.9


Release Date: 9 December 1988


Download Twins Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Comedy film of 1988 which is directed by Ivan Reitman. As shown in the orphanage where his twin brother spent his childhood, are capable Julius same bed where his brother must have slept point. “It’s amazing,” said a nun. “How do you know?” Julius smiles. “Hit you seem to draw,” he says. “Of Hit Zah ZAH bed eggstinguisher fire. The HAF chozun Zame me. In case of fire ZAH ZAH ZAH eggstinguisher I could understand and Zave roar all Phans.” The emphasis belongs to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has long had a gift for comedy, but rarely has to exercise a comedy. The “Twins”, was associated in various forms, with Danny DeVito, the film is set in a nice start. The film begins with Schwarzenegger as an unpaid researcher who lives on an island somewhere between Bora Bora and Australia wizard.

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The discovery that has a twin brother who has never heard of, Schwarzenegger took a boat and began to row toward the nearest airport. Meanwhile in the US, DeVito in trouble. It is a professional fraudster, which also makes the disadvantages of fans at their leisure. The lateral line is stealing luxury cars at the airport and they sell to cut the stores, and it is time that America Schwarzenegger, DeVito thrown in jail for hundreds of dollars in fines. Schwarzenegger held in a prison cell and tells her about his secret past. The small DeVito, of course, do not think this muscular Teutonic is his twin brother. Few would. But Schwarzenegger bail money, DeVito willing to play with him.

The good comedies usually have central ideals that are simple transparent. “Twins” is an example. There are posters in the United States at this time, with the image of DeVito with the letters “Schwarzenegger” below, and vice versa. It’s a brilliant marketing, and a clever idea, but because it works so well in the movie is that both Schwarzenegger and DeVito is really tender side to his nature. You know that the movie is a joke, but somehow there is a sweetness in your relationship that makes the story seem less manipulated. The explanation of twinning is that both men were the result of a eugenic experiment in which six different fathers sperm are combined in a sort of home beaten and administered to the mother.

Men represented the brain, muscles, and other attributes, and the woman was nearly perfect as possible. But the experiment failed and did not produce a perfect child, but the twins. “Your brother has all the good things,” says DeVito years later, when he finally meets concocted bizarre experiments. “You have all the leftovers.” That’s why Schwarzenegger is an impressive physical specimen who speaks six languages and is a brilliant scientist and DeVito is a scammer who manages to steal the bad cars – for example, a model of Cadillac late that happens to have a registry sector smuggle millions of value. When I saw that blow smuggling plot, I began to grow uneasy. And when the film introduced a corporate espionage killer, my heart sank. I thought to be another Hollywood movies, where the third act was removed features in favor of a shootout and a chase.

But the director Ivan Reitman soft-pedals the subplot with swag and actually manages to achieve a true end of the participation of the film thinking, dialogue and other elements that have recently tended to disappear during the last 25 minutes of entertainment Hollywood. The film provides two men with love interests: DeVito patiently (Chloe Webb’s “Sid and Nancy”) and Schwarzenegger girlfriend Kelly Preston, a love scene fun to play with him on the floor in a motel room. Because the earth? Because that’s where Schwarzen prefer to sleep. The film tells the pristine nature Schwarzenegger, and there’s something to be said: The makers claim that this is actually the first love scene Schwarzenegger under 14 years of celebrity.

Schwarzenegger gift for comedy was evident in his first film, the documentary “Pumping Iron” (1974) and his first feature film, Bob Rafelson’s “Stay Hungry”, a year later. But there has been very little because he had a number of high-voltage action scenes, but Schwarzenegger always finds a way to introduce the comic dialogue or some sort of self-deprecating humor, even in the most violent film. This time, date the piece from start to finish, handle with ease. Performance DeVito is as safe, but not surprising, because we knew we would be able to cover this ground. “Twins,” is not a great comedy – not up to Reitman’s “Ghostbusters” and DeVito’s not as fun as it was in the “ruthless people” and “Wise Guys” – but it’s a fun attractive with some great laughs and goofiness hot species. So Download Twins Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.