Tombstone Full Movie


Original Name: Tombstone

Genre: Action, Drama, History

Language: English, Latin

IMDB Rating: 7.9


Release Date: 25 December 1993

Director: ,

Download Tombstone Full Movie and it is 1993 Hollywood action, drama and history film directed by George P. Cosmatos, Kevin Jarre. Wyatt Earp (Russell), a retired police officer, met his brothers Virgil (Elliott) and Morgan (Paxton) in Tucson, Arizona. Venture Tombstone, a small but growing my city to solve.

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There they Wyatt friend Doc Holliday (Kilmer), a gambler and gunslinger expert South, seeking relief from tuberculosis in Arizona drier climate.

Even arrived in Tombstone with his traveling theater Josephine Marcus (Delany) and Mr. Fabian (Zane). The Wyatt married attempt to resist a strong attraction for Josephine. Wyatt’s wife, Mattie Blaylock (Wheeler-Nicholson) is increasingly dependent on laudanum. When Wyatt and his brothers begin to benefit from participating in the games department stores and Lounge, which have their first encounter with a band of outlaws called the Cowboys.

Directed by “Curly Bill” Brocius (Boothe), the Cowboys are recognizable by their red bows worn around the waist. The conflict was narrowly avoided Wyatt insists he retired and is no longer interested in a law enforcement career. This is also the first meeting face to Holliday and Johnny Ringo (Biehn), facing directly take a dislike to each other.

As the voltage increases, Wyatt printed to help people who are free from the Cowboys. Slide aimlessly after visiting a house of opium, is Curly Bill commanded by Marshal White (Carey) to surrender their weapons. Curly Bill met quarterback and vigorously took custody Wyatt. The arrest Ike Clanton (long) and the other cowboys, threatening Wyatt and his brothers and Doc rages. Curly Bill is on trial, but not guilty for lack of witnesses.

Virgil, does not tolerate anarchy is the new quarterback and a ban on weapons within the city limits. This leads to the legendary gunfight at the OK Corral, where Billy Clanton (church), Frank McLaury (Burke) and Tom McLaury killed, Virgil and Morgan are injured, and loyalty County Sheriff Johnny Behan (Tenney) clarifies the Cowboys. In retaliation for the death of the brothers cowboy Wyatt was attacked: Morgan killed while Virgil is maimed.

A dejected Wyatt and leave his family and Tombstone aboard a train. Followed by Ike Clanton and Frank Stilwell, Wyatt sees his family in a safe and then caught the killers who had come to kill them. Stilwell killed, but Wyatt returns Clanton to send a message. Wyatt announced that he was a federal agent who does a man who sees the murder with a red sash.

Wyatt Doc, a cowboy reformed name Sherman McMaster (Rooker) and allied Texas Jack Vermillion and Turkey Creek Jack Johnson, join together to justice. Wyatt and his gang attacked by the Cowboys in the riparian forest. Wyatt ford in the river and is involved in a shootout that ends with dead Wyatt Brocius. Johnny Ringo is the leader of the Cowboys.

Doc’s health deteriorates and accommodation depending Henry Hooker (Heston). Hooker’s ranch, located Josephine, learning that Mr. Fabian was shot by the Cowboys who tried to steal his watch Josephine. Wyatt finally realize that he wants to be with Josephine, but can not commit to it because of its ongoing battle against the Cowboys. Ringo send a messenger (drag the corpse of McMaster) Wyatt ranch to say that he would like to conclude a deal hostilities and Wyatt agree.

Doc knows that it is a better match for Ringo, but can handle a firearm. Wyatt for comparison, without knowing that Doc despite the fact that the scene is over. Doc surprised Ringo, and says he is now finishing up his last challenge “to play in the blood.” Doc fired the first shot, beat and kill Ringo Ringo when the nerves slowly your project. Wyatt running when he hears the shot, but it will.

They hunt and eliminate the Cowboys, but Ike Clanton escaped his revenge, gives his red sash. Doc then sent to a sanitarium in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. After the visit to Wyatt sees Doc bare feet and the condition of the bed where he is, he realizes that is about to die with their boots, to die in peace, muttering “Oh gosh, is this funny ..”

At the request of Doc, Wyatt tries Josephine, located in Denver. Robert Mitchum tells a story of his long marriage ended with the death of Wyatt in Los Angeles in 1929. So Download Tombstone Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.