Tightrope Full Movie


Original Name: Tightrope

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.3


Release Date: 17 August 1984


Download Tightrope Full Movie and it is 1984 Hollywood crime, drama and mystery film directed by Richard Tuggle. Richard Tuggle charge Tightrope 1984 but the modest construction of the film seems to be rumors that the star Clint Eastwood has confirmed a hand in the direction of this psychological thriller.

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The score of jazz, equilibrium mixture of establishing shots and close-ups, and filmed on the coast of Louisiana (which seems to be a similar picture of the Mystic River last year omens), Eastwood propose a time behind the camera.

Regardless of who did what, the film is a serial killer mystery surprisingly well the wound where police recently divorced father of two fighters Wes single block a butcher who, like handcuffs and strangling prostitutes. The thing is, Block intimately acquainted with the victims, despite his life in the house of the sun, the detective was secretly cozy two-story French Quarter frequent ladies of the night. To emphasize its dual nature, Block regularly shot with his face partially shrouded in darkness or seedy red light, and it’s not long before he is worrying as murderess.

The audience at the police for prostitutes is an unconscious desire (for the abandonment of his wife) to control women and other women in her life to her daughters, mother and rape / self-defense is its comparison Beryl Thibodeaux desire to compete, strong, independent women. Police Procedural elements of the story would put a weird sleep speed and motivation of the killer as hard as I could smell the stench of my bank, but that does not mean that the war is not worth it.

Eastwood is charming inscrutable as obsessed with sex Block, and the film is full of neon lights desire, strippers mud wrestling, the weight of the smallest child learns the definition of “hard” we actually look bad dirty as New Orleans. I do not know why Clint for his daughter Alison in real life in a dirty business, sexually explicit, but hopefully I learned this valuable lesson from the character of the father: Investigate a murder, no matter how terrible, it is always best to participate in a home game Santos .

Wes Block (Clint Eastwood) is a police inspector in New Orleans look at most of his days and nights to solve a series of murders of prostitutes. After being abandoned by his wife, Wes custody of their two daughters and a house full of stray dogs. His loneliness and strange sexual needs him to exploit eroticism with some of the ladies in the interview the night of the murders.

Tightrope is a creepy thriller written and directed by Richard Tuggle voltage very convincing. An expert Wes talking about this difficult case, said: “There is darkness in each of us act out some try to control most of us walking a tightrope between the two ….” When some of the prostitutes seen killed, begins Wes wonder his dark demons. Beryl starts dating a woman the same woman who runs a rape crisis center.

But the killer shadows Wes invade finally home and try to Beryl in his killing. The plot rushes to a terrible end. Clint Eastwood puts on one of the best performances of his career, so strong in appearance and inwardly tormented police. Exciting mix of history public policy, sin and sex, violence and sadomasochism makes it one of the best examples of black film of the 80s.
Most modern thriller police are naive manipulations of persecution, violence, popular psychology and sign painted in large stereotypes. “Tightrope” contains all four of these ingredients to be sure, but it also contains many things that are a throwback to the great films of the police in 1940, when the hero struggles with his conscience as much as murderess.

Clint Eastwood as a detective in New Orleans, which is different as possible from Dirty Harry Callahan. The type called Wes Block. His wife has recently left him and lives at home with her two daughters and several dogs. It is a good cop, but erroneous, with a particular block is like making love to a woman while handcuffed. The film suggests that this is due to the fact that it is deeply threatened by women (a good guess, I’d say).

Detective Block is well known for most of the prostitutes kinkier in the French Quarter, but his superiors do not know when awarded a major event: A crazy, it seems, is a former police inductance kill prostitutes in the district. The problem is that the block can not easily come to this world as a police officer, after often as a client. His other problem is that when you get into the world, all his old impulses back.

Policing “Tightrope” is more or less standard: Explanations of suspects, the paperwork, the scenes where his superiors chew on the case. What does “Tightrope” better than a simple scenes thriller between Eastwood and women have been found. Some of them are whores. Some are victims. One of them, played by Genevieve Bujold, a feminist who teaches self defense classes for women. Block felt more attracted to women, flashy flashy, like most foreign prostitutes del Barrio.

We do not know why his wife left him, and give us an idea of ​​what it was, but then we thought Bujold’s not his type. She is in her thirties, wearing no makeup, shirts are widely used, and are not easily impressed by the police. But somehow begins a friendship. And the counterpoint in the police investigation, he delves into the underworld of crime and disorderly more evidence suggests that it should be one of the suspects. So Download Tightrope Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mac.