The Young Girls of Rochefort Full Movie

The Young Girls of Rochefort

Original Name: Les demoiselles de Rochefort

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music

Language: French

IMDB Rating: 7.6


Release Date: 11 April 1968


Download The Young Girls of Rochefort Full Movie and it is 1967 French Comedy film directed by Jacques Demy. Tommy Steele was elected almost smiling teeth at all in my life. And’alktar of a smile, even for the Walt Disney movie. Apart from the third hour of “the happiest millionaire”, he begins to suspect that he is fully automatic smile that suddenly opens and closes in response to transistor hidden somewhere in Greer Garson her. Smile, in my opinion, is a symbol of what’s wrong with this movie. Trying desperately hard to please, in the end, we almost want to take Steele and John Davidson, move his head, and errors: Stop smiling and always on the movie!

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This is the first Disney Studios Reserved plants, which introduced the world to Mary Poppins and, of course, want to repeat his trick in the price of the highest places. Perhaps they failed because they have worked for a long time. There is always something that can not be calculated in a beautiful film. “Mary Poppins” was one such film. The kids loved it, especially the young film lovers, about 4-7 years. I also like her parents, or at least they can sit through without nausea.

Do you have a feeling, but that the people who made the “Mary Poppins” I did not know exactly what it was. They knew they had fun, but I did not know they were on strike a few chords based on millions of people. In “the happiest millionaire” On the contrary, we have the exact feeling that the film is made with each part pre-tested in the appeal hearing. Fred McMurray as a lovable eccentric rich. Greer Garson as his wife, and fresh understanding and Lesley Ann Warren and John Davidson as a couple of lovely and beautiful young lovers.

There is also a pet crocodile, chauvinism and the world, “Biddle Bible Class’ shirts, old cars, musical numbers, a sweet but quirky innocence aunt and Tommy Steele smiling like a maniac. How it works? No, not you. Here is the blockbuster Disney for years, and everyone knows that the Disney film is good family entertainment. So, of course, the families go to see “the happiest millionaire”. But adults will be thin plot and characters one-dimensional. Many of the kids find enough to keep their interest, except for crocodiles.

You will wonder how adults John Davidson can be cast in the role of an innocent and naive as it seems at least 25 years. I mean, it’s a bit ‘late to steal his first kiss. When it comes to the songs and it was forgotten prominent, with the exception of the coil Irish organized very well. Moreover, the whole film was about an hour too long. But it seems that every film is tacitly reserved the judgment must continue for at least three hours, and be intermediate. I wonder if the younger Disney fans will sit through the entire movie. I also wonder, for various reasons, if the parents were required.

There is something good that the protagonist of “the happiest millionaire” is loaded with money and prestige, because he has nothing more to justify its data rooms, even in the musical comedy from Walt Disney. Played by Fred McMurray in this difficult during the film front cylinder, yesterday, that the offer was part of a series of Christmas concert hall, is a blue pseudo-blood eccentric is sound, where he continued reasonable walnuts in a visible range of free will of rustic luxury home in the corridor millionaire. So Download The Young Girls of Rochefort Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.