The Wild Bunch 1969 Full Movie

The Wild Bunch 1969

Original Name: The Wild Bunch

Genre: Action, Adventure, Western

Language: English, Spanish, German

IMDB Rating: 8.1


Release Date: 18 June 1969


Download The Wild Bunch 1969 Full Movie and it is Hollywood Western film directed by Sam Peckinpah. In this simple story, Bo AA made a beautiful and funny film strength complex, morality also, for me, the most perfect movie cast. Fernando Rey (Don Jaime in Viridiana) is a wonderful essay in vain, proud, stupid. Catherine Deneuve is beautiful, yes, but do not seem to be the most accurate and enigmatic beauty, so that even in the beginning, it’s just the slightest hint of Women exciting student, and there is finally awareness of the saint who lived in the majestic distorted woman.

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Three is not the best preserves the quality of fluidity and emotions without words unexamined background music. Triangle is the basis for this interesting revolve around two friends who travel in Europe in the pile up broken drama. While many women are attracted two of them, above all, for the English girl. In order to maintain their friendship, the two promise that no one wants to romance a girl. The problem begins when one of the men who break their promise.

The two men discussed their friendship is destroyed and leave the other guy. Like all movies Bo UEL’s Tristana a vision of the world a very special arbitrator, and although it is good to recognize familiar objects Bo ueliana in this world (a problem with the clergy ,, fault honestly, what kind of pragmatism that without the lobby crying “Viva la Vida” After the funeral), the film is one that people do not fascinating the first time in the world of Bo UEL. Materials production, with color photography Joseph.

Aguayo is very beautiful, and its history is the work of the main old who have such commands that can tell a very simple story, without changing the nature of the subtleties working surface micro unnecessary talent smaller differences, it takes space for art. Originally. “Monte Walsh” As good as I have seen a Westerner in a long time. Like many recent West, the end of the Wild West. “Monty,” said Marvin friend of mine, “you realize how cowpunchers done this 10 years? Well, there are fewer hell game. It will not work for them.

And Monte Walsh, 50ish, and think of a way completely disorganized in another kind of work, and maybe even get married. What helps you when his friend, Chet (Jack Palance) has cowpunching, move to the city, and is home to the “widow devices. Chet start thinking about marriage in the marriage of the town of Mount Hooker (Jeanne Moreau), who never took a penny of it, and clearly loves. The difficult times for her too. Prostitution, she says, is a profession of diminishing returns, and it was moving in the city railway line nearby.

With the unification of all the companies in the race propagated by some financial wizards in the East, it has become a job for the Cowboys rare. Thus, inevitably, there were fewer calls for their services. Monty leads the city railway and ask what is the idea of ​​marriage. Morrow, in a moment of flux, what if, then smiles and says, “as” a way that can not be described. Then he gives: “Of course, marriage is the common aspiration of my career. But not in Monti. “Cowboys do not get married,” says Chet. So Download The Wild Bunch 1969 Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.