The Wailing Full Movie

The Wailing

Original Name: Goksung

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Language: Korean

IMDB Rating: 7.5


Release Date: 3 June 2016


Download The Wailing full movie and it is 2016 Hollywood Horror film directed by Hong-jin Na. The “Epic” and the words “horror movie” bad together in some way. It is believed that the scary movies offer a short, sharp shock, is not a slow-burning drama that spans two and a half hours.

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But it is not only the area of the horror thriller demon ghost-self-Korean Zombie Police folklore breaks. In the hands of director Na Hong-jin “Lament” is a real, sweet, sad, embarrassing and terribly unique, compelling and oddly comforting family. Jong-Goo is a chubby police, vile city. The performance of his wife and daughter and the work comes a distant third. But when a series of brutal murders, forcing him to make some kind of surveillance, Young-Goo realize that the dark forces are at work and your beloved family may be in danger. With so much to cram in, it is not surprising that not everything works in “The Crying”. A few turns later handled awkwardly, and there are also many signs of classic horror films like The Exorcist. But overall, this is an incredibly funny movie, full of goodies. landscape photography is stunning, the performances are excellent and a handful of scenes as a traditional exorcism performed by a hipster thunder shaman with a scimitar is absolutely unforgettable.