The Visit 2015 Full Movie

The Visit 2015

Original Name: The Visit

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 7.0


Release Date: 11 September 2015


Download The Visit 2015 Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Comedy and horror film which is directed by M. Night Shyamalan. “The Visit” tells the story of a prisoner for 32 years, and words, and dying of AIDS, and try to come up with their past. In a series of prison visits with his parents, and his brother, a psychiatrist and a woman who was his childhood friend, slowly prison from anger to acceptance – will be the best person. It seems that this system a little “too good to be absorbent and the last scenes to the top of the letter” thick. But “The Visit” contains a number, not less effective than Hill Harper performance as Alex, the hero.

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I reminded him of “Loving Jezebel” and a supporting role in “and got a game”, but I was not prepared for the depth here. This is a performance by explaining that Harper taken seriously. Another surprise comes from Billy Dee Williams. Think of it as a traditional retiree, but here are a proud, angry, dad inexhaustible – an authority that takes as a personal insult that his son went wrong. But it is wrong? Alex doing 25 years for a rape he says he did not commit.

His mother (Marla Gibbs), believes him. His father remembers that Alex stolen, lied to them, and it was a drug addict and a thief, and you think everything can. Alex’s brother Tony (Obba Babatunde), well-dressed, with success, and reflects the attitude of the father. Reduces them to a prisoner in the family. The movie does not increase the amount of violence and vulgarity of the prison, but focuses on the person and their ability to change.

The most important representatives of the law is not a sadistic guards or authoritarian caregivers, but the people who are listening. Felicia Rashad plays the psychiatrist in an effort to promote the denial into acceptance, and there are several scenes with the limits of words that led the vision and needs of the drama. Members of the Board, led by Talia Shire, and discuss your case, expressing doubts, angry at each other, looks real.

Rae Dawn Chong plays Felicia, an old friend, that his demons. A former drug addict and prostitute, was a violent father was killed, but his life together and visit now Alex, after consultation with Tony (who is open movie to show how family members are often reluctant to recruit volunteers to be emotionally) work. History and second call brings memories and fantasies in this story, who lost enormous sympathy for this man, at the end of life. (The screenplay by director Jordan Walker-Pearlman is a game of Kosmond Russell, on the basis of his relationship with his brother in prison).

Watching the film, I remembered an important moment in “The Shawshank Redemption” when Morgan Freeman character of the trial that the old man, and he asks if reform. He says that these words have no meaning. Is no longer the same person who committed the crime. I would give anything, he says, and the young punk who has once to take and shake sense into him. “The visit” is almost the same process – the fact that we see the prisoner is not the same person who was convicted.

If, that is, if you are lucky enough to grow and change. The past tense of “visits” to rush this process, too, but it’s worth it. The visit comes with the title cards, as well as the central scenario is false, all interviewed in the film are real and legitimate speaks of “simulation”. – Please note that the title of the cards too. He was a little “movie make this brief explanation on how to be a documentary film as” false. The scene in question is the first contact between humans and an alien visitor. Officials from various organizations and groups that work with external relations is how governments and citizens can respond to such an event.

Attending amazing how many people in this area. There is a lawyer who specializes in” law and space metalaw “and theologian who works as a consultant for ethics French Space Agency, among other professions uncommon. The crowd is in POV visitors, with experts from the Ministry of Commerce to handle the camera as if you were talking to one object from another world. This is an interesting concept, but vaguely conducted randomly.

Sometimes the world is talking about the fourth wall, but sometimes two topics for discussion or debate with others. It ran annoying if these figures do not agree with the virtual visitor. This is unlikely, because in these scenes is “presence” never again. So Download The Visit 2015 Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mac.