The Tightrope 2012 Full Movie

The Tightrope 2012

Original Name: The Tightrope 2012

Genre: Biography, Documentary, Drama

Language: French, English, Japanese, Spanish

IMDB Rating: 6.9

Country: , ,

Release Date: September 2012


Download The Tightrope 2012 Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Documentary and Biography film which is directed by Simon Brook. Art, both physical and metaphysical is discipline action on the face, arms, legs, speech, and mind. “Peter Brook: Tightrope”, a new short documentary film directed by Simon Brook, offers a rare look behind the scenes is absolutely gorgeous with the theme (which turns out to ask the director’s father) is a group of players in rigor and simplicity of his method.

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Wearing a bright orange shirt and proclaim in an accent that testify rearing and education, Mr. Brook, edging towards 90 seems at first to make a soft, teachers grandfather. He invites his disciples – and different shapes, sizes and backgrounds, speak at least four languages ​​- Don for taking what appears to be quite elementary, mechanical exercise. I run a large Persian carpet along a line, keep the balance and try any tricks or gimmicks to beat their imagination. The main requirement is to get a sense of reality, as if you were floating in the air, feet embracing a thin cable. After a while, “it is clear that the balance too expensive is a metaphor for the existential danger that is inherent in every case of serious play.

As Mr. Brook criticism – never hostile, always sincere – clarify tightrope walkers actually do is, well, everything: emotion through, tell a story, to live a situation in which no limits to the requirements, almost making fire impossible. And of course, this is just the beginning. Accompanied by the music (including patches of “The Magic Flute”) and comes with rudimentary props (bamboo stick, a few chairs, a book of matches), which explores short scenes and improvisations always favored the concentration and l ‘bold imagination research on high-wire acts initials.

At the beginning of the film, explains Mr. Brook usually rejects the request of those who want to witness the tests harder a fly on the wall can be? Simon Brook troubled Five hidden cameras, and the audience gets a sense of witness intimate moments instead of watching a show.

Productions of Peter Brook’s Shakespeare in the 50th and 60th centuries were legendary. His work later – “Marat/Sade” and “The Mahabharata”, in particular – a central place in the history of contemporary theater and is a constant challenge the psychological realism and social pedagogy that have dominated art form in Britain and America. His interest has always been in the roots rituals and mythic resonances in the theater, and the idea of ​​the actor puts it in “The Tightrope” has a primal, even mystical content. Talking about access to a collective brain to understand the essence of time and Ways Theater can offer greater life experience.

Sometimes the faces of the actors under his command register confusion and frustration. Mr Brook Words can almost effortlessly through regular practice – standing here; Go that way; Start Over – abstraction staggering. Its presence is annoying quiet and intense, and like all the best teachers, he offers lessons that can hardly be absorbed, much less used, all at once. Jealous of your disciples, but you can also feel a twinge of sympathy when their sincere dedication to cases of shortening.At some point, but perhaps many years after meeting recorded here, they peek into the abyss beneath their feet and find the prisoner possessed the skill and imagination to continue. So Download The Tightrope 2012 Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mac.