Jabberwocky Full Movie


Original Name: The Spy Who Loved Me

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Language: English, Italian, Arabic

IMDB Rating: 7.1


Release Date: 3 August 1977


Download The Spy Who Loved Me Full Movie and it is 1977 Hollywood Action film directed by Lewis Gilbert. This James Bond wears a labyrinthine story involves extortion space. The protagonist is the who goes rogue another megalomaniac Bond, who plan to the New York papers threat of nuclear weapons. None of his characters are described as three-dimensional special relationship and its importance. It also happens to be a fit of bonds dated 1970 hairstyles, fashion and soundtrack by Marvin Hamlisch is more than just a little “of the disco. The film with Roger Moore’s side, as you consider just ruthless killer, and was directed by Lewis Gilbert and” Friends ” (1971).

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The notorious head of the two input 007 on the lower population in the series (“Only Live Twice” and “Moonraker”), but the end result is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant of the James Bond series, “including many of the best moments. The film is about Karl Stromberg (Curd Jurgens), the villain in love with the sea and its attempts to “decadent civilization” to replace that time with the city under water for the kidnapping of American and Russian submarines, and try to use their nuclear warheads to start a nuclear war.

This forces the British intelligence and the KGB to make concessions and put the Cold War in the groove, the agreement, which “accidentally” put 007, scene friend. This means 007 waits a long time to save the only person in the movie most want to get rid of it (and not just one, but) implicit main plot and almost as complex as the human relationship we hiked morality in bonds Moore decades. What Spy Who Loved Me “is absent when it comes to setting the mood of imminent danger in some of the best James Bond movies.

More than in establishing the title seems impossible situation for the other, the kind other goods at home should include, for example. I went Moore bonds sea often when the target because he felt the public, and each escape sequence memorable crocodile as “live and let that” our issues have shaken his head also accused Tarzan swinging life “Octopussy” and “California Girls” surf on the snow in “to reach the dead.” ” TSWL “take the same probability for all the James Bond film in memory and still has one of the highest averages in the beating of this series, so to speak.

It contains one of the largest hunts through the ages, ranging from dry and ending with 007 Lotus Esprit submerged in water, and the only vehicle that gives Bond Aston Martin DB5 run for their money. illustrates this scene completely their ability to climb gradually fun in scenes work and pay more for the time you expect to be ready, bonds compared by bike Motorcycle with rockets attacked a car with a big fire and a helicopter operated by the same bomb that can only be angry Amasova flirting shamelessly with the unknown “husband” (Bond) minutes.

Sure, there is a “futuristic” “TSWL” looks good when it first opened, but is now obsolete ridiculous. I think the water used bike from saving bonds, and XXX Casio (by SMS time) that receives messages via the “demo” M (Readers who really know what we’re talking about here is not too small). After many image sequences are among the best in the series, including some you might not have turned quest to ride more exciting, he pays the bond back, forward, and do backflips and caps it all with a trick for several centuries.

And that the possibility can hear the dead, and escape enemies by jumping from the side of a mountain on one of those rare moments in my life the film’s all I can remember the theater burst of spontaneous applause. This has become one of the 007 companies now (perhaps with the discovery of the golden girl “Goldfinger”) and become the next section is the official anthem of the staff Nobody does it better. It also led to differences endless (in many James Bond films) to see any film’s release, culminating with the opening of the umbrella organization, the Union Jack or something does not seem so interesting.

It was planned Ernst Stavro Blofeld originally to be the bad guy again, but legal issues forced producers to give the place a character named Karl Stromberg. Is actually a replica less hair Blofeld’s cat and hands deformed Donald Duck type (believe it or not), Dr Marco and not a stupid way to contribute to the interpretation of the convergence of the water, it goes unnoticed one of the public in any However, since there is no real destination point in the plot. Rarely Jurgens show “Stromberg in the list of the best villains of Bond, but his plan is a very exciting and arrange bond level. So Download The Spy Who Loved Me Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.