The Specialist Full Movie

The Specialist

Original Name: The Specialist

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.4

Country: ,

Release Date: 7 October 1994


Download The Specialist Full Movie and it is 1994 Hollywood action, crime and drama film directed by Luis Llosa. In 1984, Captain Ray and fast Colonel Ned Trent, explosives experts working for the CIA, is on a mission to blow up a car with a drug dealer in South America.

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But when you see the car, a girl of the dealership. Ray insists that the mission to break down, but Ned run the plan and let the explosion occurs, which kills both the dealer and the girl.

Angered by the unjust death of the girl, beats Ned Ray game and runs away, effectively giving the CIA. Years later, in Miami, Ray is a professional murderess. Desperate people contact him via an online bulletin board and take the cases of interest.

Ray specializes in “shape” their explosions, buildings and bombs to blow only the destination, leaving innocent bystanders unharmed. Answered ads placed by a woman named May Munro and often speaks to decide if I should take the job or not. During the talks will be fascinated by its history, together with the fact that he sees how attractive she is her.

She is the only child of parents who died from Tomas Leon and his men. Against my better judgment, and run by his insistence that they infiltrate the gang, with or without him, Ray persuaded to accept the job. While it has been agreed otherwise, ingratiates himself into the world of Thomas and Adrian Hastings.

Ned is now working for Joe Leon, father and head of the criminal organization by Thomas. Once shoots begin to lower level guys in contact with the police chief put into his bomb squad. May tolerated Tomas and play as his girlfriend so she can see successes 00:59. E ‘was revealed after the second goal killed, that May actually forced into a partnership with Ned, whose purpose was to convince Ray or hide.

After working in South America went wrong, Ned fired from the CIA and has plans to take revenge. When the trap set by Thomas in May in the room; the resulting explosion seems to kill them both. When Ned goes to Joe the shelf, still alive just so you can find Ray and bring it to Joe before Thomas is buried. Both Ray and Ned believe that May is dead, Ray found that BBS is yet to be published.

Respond to a rapidly realize that a trap by Ned and the bomb squad and explosive baits down on a tirade. If you live at the funeral of Adrian Hastings, Ray discovers that May He went to the funeral to see if Ray would attend. They go to Fontainebleau Hotel where they have sex after he leaves. Meanwhile went down to the church and finds out that the person in the coffin can not.

Ned Meet in the hotel lobby and makes an excuse as to why I told him that he was alive. A confident man is ordered to take her in the car and on the way check out the bathroom. Once there is a phone that is used to warn Ray. He rigged broke out in the hotel room, and when the followers of Ned go blow up the room, breaking across the room towards the sea.

In a final showdown, Ray and May in the corners of the basement Ray trap. Down hunting, but it is on own arrogance when you go into a bomb. Following the warehouse is increasing as a result of the chain of exploding bombs, it seems that everything was killed inside.

The next day Joe was reading about the incident in the store. Open the e-mail to bring it to a chain. It contains the image of the parents of May, which then explodes. After hearing the explosion and knows all responsible for the death of his parents died, Ray asks him how he feels, as she responds. “And ‘better’ So Download The Specialist Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.