The Sentinel 1977 Full Movie

The Sentinel 1977

Original Name: The Sentinel 1977

Genre: Horror

Language: English, Italian, Latin

IMDB Rating: 6.4


Release Date: 12 May 1977


Download The Sentinel 1977 Full Movie and it is Hollywood Horror film directed by Michael Winner. After this exciting story-satanic subject of rosemary as a child, and the Exorcist and goalkeeper forecasts. Super in New York City (Cristina Raines) shares her boyfriend (Chris Sarandon) moves in the old brownstone, he soon discovers that he is more than expected in the lease. Coincidentally, a mysterious priest (John Carradine), who happens to live up guarding the entrance to hell, and was elected as his successor to be blind. Incidentally, when the door finally opened, and distribute a variety of people deformed director Michael Winner chosen the side of the hospital’s departments and circus performances.

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Even now they are still afraid to turn on the switch in the kitchen and my mother. During the day, the dining room hidden behind the wall. At night, and the introduction of vampires always in my mind, after three decades of horror films are still lurking behind his back. But it is the launch of the main cause of this discomfort in 1977. Ranger Ranger may have been seen at an age when they should not. The crap out of me is scared nine years, and has the same negative effect for 25 years. Even today, I still see that the spirit of evil that comes out of the shadows.

Fashion model in New York, Alison Parker and her boyfriend attorney Michael Lerman and young lovers of New York trying to solve. But like the independent frequency Parker his own apartment, and finally settle in one of the countries of surreal characters inhabited, particularly through the development of blind priest of the building upstairs. Parker begins to neck pain and insomnia experienced and has flashbacks of his attempted suicide recently deceased father, and that led to a couple of depression before his odd behavior.

But the father is not really dead, and when the other tenants in the uneven surface, Parker realizes this apartment is not quite normal. Crack problems began when Parker and Lerman curious residents of the building to investigate. When the dust settles, and Parker is a permanent resident of the building, but not the kind that thinks. The film is a testament to the power of visual images. At the beginning of the film, and a copy of the New York skyline, the East River, and several provinces are proof of the attractiveness of the cinema in urban areas.

Pan from the Twin Towers and added another layer to the annoying modern viewer. It also gives the film, the winner has a good job to accommodate poignant scenes landscapes internal structure of old brownstone apartment City Parks calls home. Redefinition of space again, but this time, instead of the public in movie mode, movie in the apartment attract viewers closer to their fears, and create a sense of claustrophobia group. Sentinel is also an excellent example of horror films that serve as a symbol of women’s struggle for equal rights.

Parks and Lerman begins with the disappearance of their need for independence. If, however, the reference to marital talks Lerman, it may prevent problems. But not this girl. She wants freedom, but their need for independence and without a spirit of curiosity opens the door to problems. But unlike many horror films victim a young strong heroin, Parker is not so lucky. Equally effective to illustrate this are images that depict the work of Parks as a model. If you fall through the lens or the cover of a fashion magazine, for this excellent vaccines pick “male” look, and many feminists have argued objectifies women, harmful ways. Parker also transferred in a sense, it is framed.

It is innovative and bold scenario that supports some of the most memorable horror movie produced in 1970 confirms this growing sense of claustrophobia and psychological chills. Parker plays Meredith near you warm at first glance, especially with the black cat cradled in your arm and yellow parrot perched on his shoulder. But the tension caused by the two undermines their friendship. And gave other neighbors Parker sisters, but in his first meeting with them soon learns that Parker’s lesbian lover. Parker begins to feel something strange develops when the sister masturbating in front of your eyes. So Download The Sentinel 1977 Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.