The Rock Full Movie

The Rock

Original Name: The Rock

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 7.4


Release Date: 7 June 1996


Download The Rock Full Movie and it is 1996 Hollywood action, adventure and thriller film directed by Michael Bay. A renegade group of US Marines Force Recon, led by Brigadier General Frank Hummel disappointed and his assistant Major Tom Baxter, using an arsenal of deadly missiles armed with M55 VX gas. The next day, Hummel and his men in the control of Alcatraz Island and kidnap some tourists.

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Hummel threatens to launch missiles at San Francisco, unless the government pays $ 100 million to a fund to bribe military, who are the men and the families of the Recon Marines killed in secret mission to spread his orders and whose death is not offset.

The Pentagon and the FBI to develop a plan to retake the island by a team of Navy SEALs, recruit top FBI chemical weapons expert, Dr. Stanley Goodspeed. Goodspeed confidence, already shaky because it is a “lab rat” with minimal combat training and experience further tested when his girlfriend Carla reveals that she is pregnant.

The FBI director James Womack forced to resort to federal prisoner John Mason, a British citizen, aged 60, detained without charge for three decades. Mason is the only prisoner ever to escape from Alcatraz Island, to do it in 1963 by underground tunnels unknown.

During his internment escapes at the Fairmont Hotel, Mason. Draw a Hummer H1 and Goodspeed strive for advanced Ferrari F355, which resulted in a chase through the streets. Mason tries her daughter Jade; Goodspeed comes with a team for a new arrest Mason, is revealing Jade helping the FBI.

Goodspeed, Mason, and Alcatraz SEALs infiltrate. However Hummel fleets have attention for their presence and ambush them in a bathroom. All seals are killed, leaving only Mason and Goodspeed. Mason sees his chance to escape custody and disarms Goodspeed, but Goodspeed convinces him to help soothe missiles, is the daughter of Mason at risk.

Mason and Goodspeed eliminated the team of Marines and off 2 of 5 rockets. Hummel threat to execute a hostage if you do not give up and return the chip to guide missiles. Mason destroys the chip when it comes to Hummel, trying to reason with him and buy Goodspeed bit ‘of time.

While Goodspeed by another rocket, take the Marines. The team lost the raid begins his army backup plan an attack aircraft F / A-18 thermite plasma, which neutralizes toxic gas, but to kill everyone on the island.

Mason and Goodspeed escape, and Mason prisoner explains why it was done: he was a captain in the British SAS, which has a microfilm containing information on the best kept secrets in the United States stolen, refuses to give up when he was caught because he knew that it would kill him if he got it. Hummel orders for two of his men, Captain Frye and Darrow, from Alcatraz with some hostages and other missiles to cover their retreat, while he takes the blame.

Darrow and Frye continue with the plan to shoot in San Francisco. While Mason focuses on the remaining Marines Goodspeed looking for the last missile, which reveals the location Hummel to his last breath. If the focus of jets, Goodspeed kills both Frye and Darrow, apart rocket. He notes that the jets that the threat is over.

Goodspeed says Mason Womack broke forgiveness, then reported to his superiors that Mason was killed. Mason Goodspeed a note containing the location of microfilm. Some time later, Goodspeed and Carla recover from microfilm as a half-century of state secrets, including the “real” killed John F. Kennedy. So Download The Rock Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.