The Recruit Full Movie

The Recruit

Original Name: The Recruit

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Language: English, Persian, Russian

IMDB Rating: 6.6


Release Date: 31 January 2003


Download The Recruit Full Movie and it is 2003 Hollywood action, crime and drama film directed by Roger Donaldson. James Clayton (Colin Farrell), offers an expert in computer programming at MIT, an interview with a senior CIA instructor Walter Burke (Al Pacino), for a position in the agency.

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After a demonstration of skills in Clayton, Clayton Burke test with a puzzle encoded in the part of a newspaper’s sports. Clayton agreeds recruited because information about their missing father, who was suspected as a CIA agent. After going through a number of psychometric tests, psychoanalytic, construction and polygraph results Clayton to La Granja, a training center for the CIA. There, Burke and other instructors candidates learn the skills of espionage, covert operation protocols and techniques for data collection.

During the monitoring, Clayton Moore and fellow recruit Layla (Bridget Moynahan) is kidnapped by men appear to come from a foreign intelligence service. Clayton is tortured in a cell for several days, but refuses to give the names of their instructors. When questioned threaten to hurt Layla, from Clayton. The back wall of the cell opened in Burke, Layla disclose, and the other recruits are in a meeting room, for the entire event, which was staged experienced.

Clayton cut the program, but Burke arrives at his hotel room and said that the dismissal was staged, and that Clayton has become a non-official cover (NOC), operating more exclusive. The first assignment is to spy Clayton Layla, who suspects that Burke is a mole, and trying to steal a computer from the barracks. Burke gives a desk job Clayton home to the low level, so that you can get close to Layla. Clayton finds evidence of Layla is the elimination of the virus piece by piece using a USB flash drive.

Layla Clayton watches while secretly passed a note to the contact, and follow the connector through Union Station. After a brief struggle, kills Clayton and find out that Zack (Gabriel Macht), was a fellow recruits in the company. When Layla Clayton faces, crying and complaining that an exercise in safety, and Zack was the NOC.

Torn between two conflicting statements, decided Clayton suspect Layla Burke and confidence, believing his show of emotion is genuine. Clayton says Burke, who congratulated Clayton pass the exam. Clayton reacts demands to know why Zack was killed, but Burke said Clayton’s gun was loaded with substances, and death Zack was a ruse. However, trying Clayton shoot his gun and shoots Burke bend back, however, shows that there is Burke.

Clayton Burke achieved by a house-ware abandoned, and the plan to sell the virus to $ 3,000,000 for the organization. Clayton Performing threw wide Burke goes for the CIA. When the CIA is trying to stop death Zack Clayton, rails Burke for his dissatisfaction with his career.

CIA concluded that Burke is the real goal. When he realizes that Burke incriminating, pulls his gun, that the CIA was forced to shoot and kill him. Layla Clayton console before riding back to the CIA for interrogation. In the van, Deputy Director of Operations Dennis Slayne (Karl Pruner) makes an observation that suggests that Clayton’s father was an agent NOC when he died, Clayton realize now that there was little explanation of Burke, really genuine. So Download The Recruit Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.