The Prince Full Movie

The Prince

Original Name: The Prince

Genre: Action, Movies, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 4.5


Release Date: 22 August 2014


Download The Prince Full Movie and it is 2014 Hollywood action and thriller film directed by Brian A Miller. Paul (Jason Patrick), left, and his father dedicated his life of crime behind. But he reiterated his experience the past, fought such as support for the old comrade (Cusack) along with some bad guys shoot their way through the path in the search for her daughter lost the house (Rescue Gia Mantegna). Along the way, Paul, his old enemy gunman Omar (Bruce Willis) faces.

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After The Prince (* remember * Liam Neeson in Taken?) Only by-numbers plotting evil father what he needs to break many bones as a hail of bullets after leaving his daughter to safety. Daughter of Paul seems like the kind of college, a very nice girl, but this is not always the case in films like this, and not in connection with the disappearance of what they seem.

That testosterone plays in New Orleans, Paul and mob boss Omar is the scene of a collision course. Paul is a member of the band that are being used now to repair. But he was selective in his life, he got a job to bring some of the old skills.

Cast of this film make some eyebrows. For starters, Willis only convinced enough to play a bad guy. His most outstanding performance of a man who is not afraid to get their hands dirty game. In fact, the majority of the scene is boring.

We’re talking with Paul ruthless, man-on-one believed in the mission pimp. So far, the performance seems a little forced, as if it is doing its utmost to persuade her courage and determination. Or is part of the draw or his character is uncertain, but one of the most Cusack is simply irritable. Naming 50 cents drug lords in the appropriate medications, presumably a reference to tablets and powders in line with the business.

The main effort to fight scenes from the film in the eyes of other soft way to get going. Actors and intriguing roles A- list compiled in the film, which is to provide an exciting and unusual with the beginning of the film ends on a note of despair.

The premise of the film is similar to that released in 2009, the film starring Lian Neeson. A revenge drama, is the story of Amir Find repair man struck his daughter missing.

Headquartered in the state of Mississippi, and the parents and one for long distances, Paul (Jason Patrick) find that there is something in the house of his daughter (Gia Mategna), which is in New Orleans, in college wrong when he failed to communicate with the phone.

Instead, after landing and broke into his apartment, school friend Angela (Jessica Lowndes) to help them track sought help from. Paul trail leads to a drug dealer, “Pharmacy” (Curtis Jackson), known as the daughter in the supply of heroin. He soon realizes that her daughter is an addict by choice, but it is a hostage to the crime lord of evil, led by Umar (Bruce Willis), who seeks revenge for an act that Paul has twenty years ago.

Wafer thin plot and led to the intelligence of both, lacked the depth of the story. The characters etched away, and the film is loaded with plot holes. Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore, uses a scenario almost any surprise scenes often repeated.

The film, Jason Patrick, who along with his looks and rugged steel design, the law provides for a better life. Bruce Willis and age, stoic, mechanical and offer half performance.

Curtis Jackson screen only a great time. Jung Ji Hoon, Korean pop star and popular plays accomplice Omar cold calculation. Some of his skills in martial arts and full of surprises in the film. John Cusack as fellows former Sam Paul, who runs a luxury hotel that offers some interesting moments, but unfortunately, his personality is not enough to help your talent.

Marcus tough shots ranging between medium and wide, and features a video film home movies. Production and quality, and the average film budget, no frills. Show only scene that I noticed the weakness of ammunition.

Action scenes; she armed clashes, and exchange punches during the altercation or mechanical chase cars and, of course, unbalanced and unrealistic. Scene in which Paul had to numb her daughter Lourdes cache of drugs and very clear.

Overall, a good manager and the film does not rise to the rate of despair, help is a curse bleeping with the dictates of the plate sensors.

Just beware if you have nothing better to do. It is expected that action films to be difficult and surprising, but it can be assumed that these elements are unpleasant experience, which is what happened to The Prince fans. The film is a failed attempt of the film and the work of the species. Repeat the ignorant is just one of the many sins they commit to film.

Hypothesis can be predictable to a large extent and is served Liam Neeson-film. Unfortunately, it is not even half the impact of the hit 2008 film some movies, of course, the bad and Bruce Willis, the film is one of them.
Although the film begins with a car bombing shocks in order to really add up in the following events. It is hard to take the law into their own hands tattooed by a mechanic when you can not contact her daughter. In his quest, he was forced to confront his past as a criminal. What will happen that makes you say, a series of incidents, “Whoa!” Instead, the “wow”, and assume that this was not what the creators were on their way.

The plot is not a major surprise, the film offers nothing new. The rear of the battle lines of the tips shooting horrible. Squirming in his seat, trying to figure out what hit and fell. After a moment, it is a golden rule of a legion of opponents, while the army of one man, killing him. Action scenes in the film on the limits of irony. Let’s not even talk about the lead, in fact, bad films, they are everywhere!

Not only does the word censor board adds to the list of evils beep. Moreover, you’re not missing much. As for the screens go, Jason Patrick convince a concerned parent, but it is not supposed to be a killing machine. Bruce Willis is wasted just as pivotal, John Cusack is just a waste of Lo IIII do not know where you are when they suggest. Cameo by 50 Cent highlights briefly pace. Instead of having your eardrums blown away by the sound of gunfire, to do something else with your time. For example, you need to take. So Download The Prince Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.