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The November Man

Original Name: The November Man

Genre: Action, Crime, Movies, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.6


Release Date: 27 August 2014


Download The November Man Full Movie and it is 2014 Hollywood action, crime and thriller film directed by Roger Donaldson. Pulled codenamed “October Man,” the officer veteran CIA agency Peter Devereux partners and ANG in 2008 after compliance David Mason Devereux is not good because of the lack of the killer on the front and back of the fire, accidentally killed the child in Montenegro during a mission in support of the American ambassador.

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Devereux living a quiet life in retirement in Switzerland, bar and even to this day. Peter former boss, John Hanley, and a deep cover CIA operative Devereux in Switzerland in an attempt to decades in Russia, Natalia remove Ulanov. Ms Ulanov candidate for president of the Russian general and disguised as an assistant Arkady Fedorov and Fedorov knows that war crimes may be linked to the name of a witness.

Natalia has no name, in turn, either directly and ask for help to get him out of Russia without Peter. Some of his fellow representatives game Peter Hanley Arkady Fedorov Alexa killed in personal killer told him to bring everything to Fedorov, and former employees in the killing of his knowledge of the crimes of the past.

Devereux without knowing it, Natalia Mason away from the group, and the station chief of the CIA Perry and Weinstein (Will Patton) with a charge of operations. The team did not know Mason Hanley (operations) that Devereux Natalia is sent.

Natalia Fedorov break personal safety, and was able to take pictures Fedorov – everything a young woman in military uniform and Russia to describe Fedorov younger. And contact the team of Natalia Mason was able to return to it. But Fedorov warning that his keys still in the safe and FSB, and the FSB agents in the streets of Moscow after Peter comes to the store and Natalia. He said he was surprised to see Peter Natalia and their daughter, Lucy, Peter, and pay a fine. Natalia gave him the name Peter – Thank Filippov – and immediately called by the name of Peter Hanley.

The team found Mason arrested Devereux Russians Natalia and thought. Natalia despite opposition in order to kill Perry Hanley. Natalia killing David with a sniper rifle while riding Devereux. Peter Natalia handed his mobile phone to make some pictures before his death. Peter noticed his garage where the drone fired David CIA in the direction of the car. Go to the garage and quickly kill Mason Mason even ran out of rifle range CIA. Terrorism, and Mason Devereux (quietly) to kill each other.

Thousands Hanley Filippov home to see the file, but the CIA strike team in her home, and will prevail upon him to destroy the hard disk effectively. Hanley success later in an interview with Celia, an analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency CIA black site does not collect repeatedly said, it “combines” people – this is extortion. Mason said Weinstein Mason interrogations meeting with his former mentor, and show him the picture Devereux and Natalia in the relationship had angered Devereux (hypocrites) thing over and over again in the past, because of the important relationship other spies, and can be used as leverage against them. Langley Devereux orders to kill, and said no more field agents to stop him dead in revenge.

At the same time, a reporter for The New York Times in the case of refugee worker Edgar Simpson Alice Fournier (Kurylenko Olga) tracks and write Fedorov and subjected to allegations of war crimes during the Chechen War 2 helped him to ask for his help. Alexa arrived in Belgrade thief of knowledge and contact with the pirates, who met Alice at a restaurant. Peter is also in Belgrade, Hanley and CIA strike team went to the apartment to ensure her apartment. Peter knows that Alice Alice Miles track their contact information and the CIA strike team on the phone to maneuver published.

Alice Mason was Peter thieves and the CIA able to save the group. Said Alice Mila pretend Fedorov, who offended in the war on Chechnya 2 dumb. Thousands of Russian understanding of issues since his parents were university professors and listen to every conversation Fedorov – conspiracy false flag plan for the property, including the building that was bombed by Russian forces and Chechen Chechen War 2, followed by the seizure of the oil fields. When dealing with Peter Fedorov, former coworker, Denisov Denisov confirms not only the plot, but said that the CIA actively support Fedorov, Peter shock to many.

Jansen gave more encouragement Devereux performance evaluation Mason Mason Mason Devereux murder – tell them to shoot derogatory Mason and aggressive, and said he would recommend. Mason decided to go on a date with her neighbor, and Sarah, and her sleep at night. Unbeknownst to him, Weston and Alice break the apartment across the street to fill their departure and arrival. I noticed that Alice Devereux speaks fluent Russian, plays the piano occupied the apartment – his parents were university professors and teach him the language. He sends Alice to quickly get rid of money and a cell phone in violation of an apartment Mason. Sarah Devereux held hostage and Personality Test Mason (Mason, Devereux said the first he did not care about the people he killed as a field) to escape by cutting his veins. Sarah Mason, chose to continue to put pressure on the wound, and then to buy an ambulance.

Fedorov arrived in Belgrade and gave an energy conference for his new Alexa. Trying to arrange a meeting Alice died at his home, but he did not die block, and Alice is released. Peter CIA black sites where Hanley Hanley takes place, and the face of the war on the involvement of the CIA in the attack on the media Fedorov. Fedorov helped Hanley said Jansen. Said Hanley had thousands of parents who taught him Russian university professor, and uncover the truth: Alice A. Fournier is real Filippov. David and Celia comes to the same conclusion when Alice Fournier and killing thousands of years, and found his birth.

Alice / thousand hides herself as a prostitute and go to the hotel Fedorov kill him if he killed both his parents and abducted her to abuse. The salvation of their dead to track Peter Fedorov, Fedorov and play Russian Roulette with the camera to be able to give it the name of agent and the CIA conspired with him – and it was Fedorov said John Hanley, who helped him. At first, Peter is confused, and showed a picture of three men – Weinstein, Hanley, and Devereux Fedorov. Alice looked at the picture and confirmed that Hanley was a colleague at work. Peter and Alice escape from the hotel, but not before the death of the team Peter Mason CIA access to the hotel and beat Mason and Mason gave the confession recorded. Unfortunately, when Mason and Celia Jansen deal of evidence against Hanley, Hanley Jansen to replace them. Langley should be worth about Federov despite his war crimes and allow Hanley to do the show.

Peter believes his mission is over, says Alice with her daughter Lucy for a long time to spend with him before the call goes through. But Peter, David Hanley led to the kidnapping of Lucy. Lucy offers Alice himself, but Peter convinced her to go to the station and wait for him there. Alice is sitting at the computer terminal and use his real name in the e-mail to the last editor of the New York Times story is a story of war crimes and Fedorov. Alice Alexa management / Mila find her computer terminal, but not managed to win on Alexa with a big shovel after a brief chase, and use a similar strategy for the first meeting with Peter in a timely manner.

Peter Hanley and David’s men. He explained Hanley owners Fedorov, are mainly of the Russian Federation. Middle East – when he had Fedorov, president of Hanley him to join NATO, and therefore, the United States has only one enemy to worry about. Peter is not impressed with this scheme, certificate of his daughter’s life (over the phone) even after that. Mason was sent to the station and the fake is the wrong way. It was also revealed that Peter in November Man “as it is called – a lot of people in general, and very effective factors were killed during the operation, similar to that in the month of November, before winter begins cutting plant life.

At the same time, David and Celia, who does no harm to the child (remember the events open Montenegro), Lucy and her captors want to contact him, and killed David quickly kidnappers and rescue Lucy. David Peter Hanley and all of Alice and David Devereux back and keep the fools Hanley Hanley to kill with a gun. Hanley is a former partner chides world peace Food for ten years – but Peter began to sell his soul and conscience, Fax pitiful is to say that animals like Fedorov for their crime. Thanks to Peter for his former student at the station, where waiting for her daughter Alice to escape him. Alice / Mila Fedorov in The Hague on charges of war crimes and conspiracy to witness agent Hanley. He denied all charges Fedorov, although all but sunk his campaign. Then he was shot in the head by a sniper while relaxing on his yacht.

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