The Lost Boys Full Movie

The Lost Boys

Original Name: The Lost Boys

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 7.2


Release Date: 31 July 1987


Download The Lost Boys Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Comedy and Horror film of 1987 which is directed by Joel Schumacher. “The Lost Boys” in this film are vampires, vampire teens, and of course, all is not lost, little girl, too, but why talk about it? Hanging from the ceiling in his lair in the ruins of an old hotel, and come out at night stabbing boardwalk in Santa Cruz, Slaughter capital of the world. When a new child moved to the city of lost children seem threatening, but the missing girl looks just fine. From this beginning, Joel Schumacher prepared an ambitious show which starts well but ends up selling his soul. There’s a moment early in the film, because they seem to have a grasp of their characters and the dark after adolescent world they live in.

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But at the end of the movie is simply a climax by-the-numbers action where the film ends when all the bad guys are dead. It was an action-thriller in the year in which the last 20 minutes, it was not called by the cliché filing bankruptcy? The film Jason Patric as Michael, a bright boy who moves to the city with his widowed mother (Dianne Wiest) and brother (Corey Haim). Met immediately a friendly local man (Edward Herrmann), who asks his mother. Soon, it looks amazing looking girl (Jami Gertz). And not long after, see the package lost children, led by Kiefer Sutherland. She invites you to come along.

The brothers Frog tries to warn you. They are a pair of brilliant guys in a comic book store on the boardwalk carnival. Damage to offer some comic about vampires and their services in the event of a vampire who should be killed, but Michael does not believe in vampires and did not make the connection until it is too late. At this point, it seems the film somewhere. But then the plot starts to become very complicated, with the romance between mature Wiest and Herrmann, teen romance between Patric and Gertz and intrigue vampires Sutherland.

Because everything looks so good (the film was in rich dark colors photographed by Michael Chapman), almost giving us trap: High quality and performance photography I had to wonder if maybe this is not a vampire story really scary and interesting. But no luck. It is no longer a virtue traditional Hollywood for a little imagination really disturbing for a commercial film. If you really stop to think about it, would a group of teenage vampires be a terrible shame and a tragedy, a heartbreaking loss of innocence to them, let alone their victims. They are silly to take seriously? Maybe it’s good. The movie does not.

It lacks a sense of fear that creeps from the pages of a novel, interviews with the Vampire by Anne Rice and replaces the old Corn Ball, predictable climax share with everyone chasing someone out there with a lot of screaming and special effects of gore. Sometimes I think that modern advances in special effects technology can be blamed directly in writing by the collapse of the original script. There are some good things in the film, including a contract that is across the board and will have a good time with teenage culture in the massacre of the capital. But if everything is everything, there’s nothing to leave the theater – not real horrors, no real fear, no real imagination – just the technology in the service of the formula.

In this 80 hit “horror hybrid and Youth, was a single mother and her two children involved in a group of vampires, then a city unconventional in Northern California in motion. Lucy (Dianne Wiest) and her children, Michael (Jason Patric) and Sam (Corey Haim), to move to Santa Carla live with his father gruff but lovable Lucy (Barnard Hughes). Lucy gets a job at the video store owner Max (Edward Herrmann), then begin meetings while Sam goes to Eduardo and Alan Frog (Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander), a pair Secretary-obsessed vampire comic shop Soon Michael falls in with some real vampires after falling in love with one of his victims.

The Lost Boys has become a pop culture phenomenon with its exciting young stars, unusual soundtrack, and hip, slick marketing campaign. The slogan of the film – “sleep all day party all night never grow old and never die” fun to cultivate a vampire ….. “- perfectly captured its mix of attitude and knowledge gore. The effects team that Sutherland and leeches growling transformed society would give similar horrific consequences for Blade, another revisionist vampire film, more than a decade.

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