The Living Daylights Full Movie

The Living Daylights

Original Name: The Living Daylights

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.7


Release Date: 31 July 1987


Download The Living Daylights Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Action and Adventure film of 1987 which is directed by John Glen. The raw materials for the James Bond films are so familiar with now that the series can only be resumed with an injection of humor. Unfortunately this is the only area where the new Bond Timothy Dalton seems lacking. He is a great actor, keeps the screen well, he is good at the serious scenes, but he does not seem to understand that everything is a joke. The right tone for the James Bond film was from the beginning, with eyebrows Sean Connery, mocked sardonic smile. He understood that the Bond character was so absurd that only inattention could save him.

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The time Bono started to act like a real man in a real world, all was lost. Roger Moore understand it too, but I’m not sure Dalton ago. Dalton is difficult, dark and gloomy, and speaks with authority cold. We are halfway you can believe some of his scenes. And this is a problem, because the scenes are meant to be absurd. The best Bond films always seem to be the one who liberated the most unlikely and dangerous for a fact that can not be true trick. But in “The Living Daylights” there is a scene where Bond and his girlfriend escape the danger of sliding down a mountain of snow on a cello case and damned if Dalton does not seem to think he is almost impossible.

The plot of the new film is the usual news drawer adapted and exotic locations. Bond, awarded a renegade Russian general failure to help the West, with a plot as a crooked arms dealer Americans, the war in Afghanistan and a plan to smuggle half a billion dollars of opium goes. The story of London’s Bond in Prague, from the mountains to deserts, is a hunting along the slopes of Gibraltar to a fight that takes place as Bond and his enemies hangs on a plane. The usual.

One thing that is unusual in this film is the sex life of the Notes. No doubt because of the AIDS epidemic, Bond is not the standard to be promiscuous, and go to bed with one, or maybe two, the women in this film (which depends on whether you count vignette, which will parachute boat a woman in a bikini). This type of restriction staff is admirable, as Bond, but considering his past sexual woman is not the link that is in danger. The main female character Kara (Maryam d’Abo), the Russian cellist, engaged in the framework of the Russian general, try to work against Bonds and eventually fall in love with him. As the only “Bond girl” in the film, d’Abo its appropriation made for her, and unfortunately she is not his.

Do not have the charisma or mysterious keeps the screen with Bond (or Dalton) and is the least interesting love interest on a Bond film. There is another problem. Bond films succeed or fail based on their poor, and Joe Don Baker as Whitaker arms trafficking, is one of the great villains of Bond. It is a false eccentric generally play with toy soldiers and never seems really diabolical. Without a Bond girl, a great villain or a hero with a sense of humor, “The Living Daylights” belongs somewhere in the lower rungs of the Bonds. But there are some nice tricks.

Lumen is the first appearance of Timothy Dalton as “tie … James Bond.” Loosely based on a short story by Ian Fleming dark, the film will be assigned to help with the defection of the KGB Jeroen Krabbe Bonds. 007 must kill a sniper unknown Krabbe before it can reach to avoid the West. The culprit turns out to be delicious mysterious Maryam d’Abo, who, apparently, all is not as it seems. The plot follows his way through a system of diamond trade of weapons, which will be sent to mercenaries from around the world several million dollars.

The climax takes place above the clouds on a cargo plane loaded with opium. Dalton bond play again in Licence to Kill (1989), before leaving the franchise Pierce Brosnan, who was scheduled to star Daylights, but was eventually stopped by a TV contract with Remington Steele. The mission of the James Bond 007 is partly organization of the defection of a Soviet Superior General. When you return to capture the general federal head to find out why it was sent to an ally to General Koskov to kill him. Ties still bears the mission in Afghanistan, where an arms dealer known as Brad Whitaker faces. All the while revealing his car to Bond. So Download The Living Daylights Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.