The Last Emperor Full Movie

The Last Emperor

Original Name: The Last Emperor

Genre: Drama, History

Language: English, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian

IMDB Rating: 7.8

Country: , , ,

Release Date: 15 April 1988


Download The Last Emperor Full Movie and it is 1988 Hollywood biography, drama and history film directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. The film begins in 1950, with the arrival of Puyi in Fushun prison newly formed People’s Republic of China as a political prisoner and war criminals after the firing of the Red Army when the Soviet Union entered the Pacific War in 1945, he was in his custody during the previous five years. Shortly after her arrival, Puyi attempting suicide, making him unconscious.

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In a flashback, apparently because of a dream, Puyi relives his summoned to the Forbidden City in 1908, two years dies of Empress Dowager Cixi (Lisa Lu). With his last words, in an audience with Puyi and his father, Cixi announces that the new emperor Puyi. After his coronation, Puyi, frightened by his new environment repeatedly expressed his desire to return home, he refused. Although tens of eunuchs who were waiting for him, his only real friend, his mother, he and his father followed him to the palace of Empress Dowager conversation.

The next part of the film is a series of chronological flashbacks showing the initial life of Puyi, from the start of the imperial Forbidden City with his younger brother, Pujie during the Republic of China, its protection under the friendly Scotsman Reginald Johnston (O Peter O’Toole) and his marriage with Wanrong (Joan Chen), for subsequent exile, the Japanese-backed puppet regime of Manchukuo, and after his capture by the Soviet Army, which is mixed with flash forward that depict life in prison. As part of the “retraining programs communist” for political prisoners Puyi was forced by his interrogators to formally withdraw his forced collaboration with the Imperial Japanese invaders war crimes during the occupation of China during the war.

Finally, after a heated discussion with the manager of the camp, and after seeing a movie where the horrors of war committed by the Japanese, Puyi retracted his previous position and released and rehabilitated by the government in 1958. The last part of the film ends with a flash-forward to mid-1960s, when the cult of Mao and the beginning of the Cultural Revolution. For now, Puyi become a simple gardener who lives a peasant proletarian existence. Returning home from work, what happens in a parade of the Red Guards, with children playing pentatonic music on accordions en masse and dancers that the refusal of the hosts dances by the communists. Their prison camp commander, his only friend during his imprisonment, he is forced into a dunce cap and a sandwich to take with slogans punishment, and is one of the political prisoners now punished as an anti-revolutionary in the parade.

Puyi afternoon visit to the Forbidden City as an ordinary tourist. There he meets an aggressive child wearing red bandanna Pioneer movement. Young Communist regime Puyi step on the throne. However, shows Puyi child that he is the Son of Heaven, continue to approach the throne. Behind her is a national cricket Puyi 60 who got an old Mandarin (Bureaucrat) on the day of his coronation, and gives the child. Surprised by the gift, the child to talk Puyi, but the emperor is gone. The film ends with a guide who leads a tour of the throne, where the guide provides an overview of the life of Puyi in a few short sentences, and concluded that he died in 1967. After three years, most of us are struggling with challenges such huge front and try to color inside the lines. For Pu Yi, was different.

Formerly The Last Emperor, 3 years old, Pu Yi ascended the throne of the Dragon Chinese Forbidden City. The year is 1908, and quickly became the “Lord of 10,000 years’, ” Son of Heaven”, ruler of half the world’s population. There is also a prisoner in his position in life and perhaps only guy on the planet. Based on true events, The Last Emperor story of a person who, for almost every day, is a kind of prison or another young life Pu Yi in the Forbidden City luxury surrounded by courtiers, wives and eunuchs – not hard in the ordinary sense, but is not particularly sweet Got another level of absurdity when, in 1912, China became a republic and the state of childhood Pu Yi officially ends Limited to Forbidden City, still treated as a god in the cage and, for a time, remain unaware of their status change.

The life of Pu Yi is still a kind of charade, even after being expelled from the Forbidden City at the age of 18 should be alternately years as western playboy, a puppet emperor and imprisoned (for 10 years) in a Communist prison is never really in the hand . His last days tended plants in Beijing Botanical Garden – an unlikely denouement life more unlikely. Probably there is a real great films in the history of Pu Yi, the last emperor but not the movie. However, the ambitious and impressive what the director Bernardo Bertolucci (Last Tango in Paris) reached here. The Last Emperor takes mock epic of this strange life, a life that would be unbearably poignant because it was so absurd. And even Bertolucci (and co-writer Mark Peploe) sometimes lose track of the overall structure, many sequences individual struggling with a sure touch and masterful.

The first part of the film is clearly in mind: performed inside the Forbidden City and has a charming tale independent. It is a poignant, funny moment Pu Yi salt aboard his faith, for the first time, get up in it, and waving his arms as if he could fly. And there’s the scene where Pu Yi (little “old now) and her brother playfully running around in circles, should a delegation following the children they choose to drive around. When Pu Yi is a teenager and have a special guardian, a Briton named Reginald ‘RJ’ ‘Johnson is compromised, leading to a series of clashes between East and West meet held. You may remember The King and I get during the passage where the foundation requires that – contrary to tradition and objections from the Directors of the Forbidden City – the young emperor is installed for glasses. If it seems out of place to stop in the little moments in a film that also takes a giant scale events, understand that the little things are included with greater force in The Last Emperor. It’s hard not to gasp at the scene where Pu Yi, reduce furious with himself for A.

City ordered prefer to visit when the mother died, throwing his pet mouse against a wall and killed him. And eroticism fill irregularly screen when Pu Yi makes love with two women at the same time in a striking wavy leaves. Pu Yi played by different actors in different stages of development. Play emperor as an adult, is John Lone (Iceman, year of the dragon) attractive, but never get a fix on the character. This is quite understandable, given the lack of clarity in writing. Minor role, respectively wife and consort head of Pu Yi, Joan Chen and Wu Jun Mimei is good. But the action is more purely entertaining Peter O’Toole, who, as guardian RJ, always discover the irony of a situation. The best reason to see The Last Emperor is the visual images and sensual work Bertolucci and cinematographer Vittorio Storaro. Instead, put on the material, the camera takes elegantly in the splendor of the film – the beautiful temples, great costumes, magnificent views, the cast of thousands. In this beautiful view of pettiness and absurd story of Pu Yi stand out in relief. You come from The Last Emperor in a state of stimulation, but not quite sure what to make of his life staggering. Perhaps, as suggested by the film, Pu Yi was happier near the end, as a gardener. So Download The Last Emperor Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.