The Jazz Singer Full Movie

The Jazz Singer

Original Name: The Jazz Singer

Genre: Drama, Music, Romance

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.7


Release Date: 19 December 1980


Download The Jazz Singer Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Drama and Musical film of 1980 which is directed by Richard Fleischer. “The Jazz Singer” has many things wrong with this reaction is likely to turn in a list. Let me start with the obvious: This film is about a man who at least 20 years for these things to happen to him. “The Jazz Singer” It seems ridiculous that gives Neil Diamond is going through a crisis of adolescence. The film is a remake of the course in 1927, was “The Jazz Singer” with Jolson’s first commercial success in movies. The new version is happening over time in an interesting way: the story in the present, but let the characters in a sort of time warp.

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It seems his behavior decades outdated, and some of the scenes that can not be explained in any context. For example: In the film, the diamond has a Cantor jew youth in the synagogue of his father. E ‘poison, set on what appears to religious life as a whole. But he also writes songs for a group of black and when you’re sick Quartet, owns the diamond room, which appears in the nightclub black with black face. Oh yeah? This scene may have been meant as a tribute to his face painted black Jolson performance in “Mame” in the original text, but what you do in 1980 is to achieve a hilarious movie starts unintentionally.

Most of the film refers to a diamond’s decision to leave New York, his father, his wife and goes to Los Angeles, where he hopes to get into the music industry. All this leaves the nest, cut ties with his father, it seems strange character, even in middle age: Diamond too old to play these scenes. But it does not matter. The movie is ridiculous for many other reasons. When it comes to Los Angeles, for example, “discovered” directly to the recording studio for Lucie Arnaz Road, which plays the role of the police and is full of energy and courage, the best thing in the movie.

He said he thought he promised until she gets a job as did the opening of the comic. This gives the opportunity to sing diamond and performance on stage, I think, is believed to be the most important in this film. Because of this, the film is to sacrifice all attempts to give a realistic way: for the first time on the West Coast as a warm up for the comic, and supports the diamond by dozens of musicians on stage, looking Orchestra Union on the volume and cost more than $ 80,000. Claro. The plot plods inexorably forward.

Laurence Olivier plays the father of aging in the film, in a performance that seems based on the tone of the German tortured recently also in “Boys from Brazil”, “Marathon Man” and “Little Romance”: from the very long awaited return Sir Lawrence Inglese soon? Father and son battle, and division, reluctantly a meeting, all the tears scenes from the ability to predict the killer. Something that can not be predicted Neil Diamond is on the (now pregnant) Lucie Arnaz to hit the road and go get a promotional campaign Kristofferson.

This piece of film, with a diamond-conscious and damages, and is believed to affect, but missed the target, dripping with much narcissism. But even then there are diamonds in this film is narcissistic offense. His songs and groans, melodramatic self-aggrandizement and crying removable pain, with the support of the cost of protecting the equipment and sticky. Protected exciting presence already, as if no one is willing to risk offending asks you seem interested and vigilance and dedication.

Diamonds play the whole movie in an attempt to someone else’s shirt buttons, if you can not be bothered to cover her eyes and relate. It’s strange performance Diamonds: No can not happen only. It sends a positive feedback uncomfortable. It seems worried, closed, a large contact with their immediate surroundings. Apparently the audience thought Neil Diamond songs celebrating human qualities deserve. I think the conditions are suitable to describe the treatment.

Stars pop singer Neil Diamond in this second remake of Evil was born seminal 1927 musical The Jazz Singer Al Jolson. Apolillado story is about the son of Cantor who want to succeed as a singer in pop, despite the will of the authoritarian father. The film is currently in Yussel Rabinovich (Neil Diamond) plays the young (even middle-aged looking for) working for the singer in the synagogue and his father (Laurence Olivier). Yussel married and established a life of religious teachings for his commitment conquest.

But besides, and writes songs for a black song, and as a member of the Quartet patients covering Yussel him at one of his concerts with the help of his face in black! Distribution Disco is the success that Yussel leave his family – his father and synagogue – and leaves his home in New York to Los Angeles, hoping to get into the world of music. And’akchw almost immediately that the agent brave Molly Bell (Lucy Arnaz), and books as an action comedy opening round.

Yussel big hits, but resented his father Yussel abandon traditional Jewish way. His father disowned him, tore their clothes and bellows, “I do not need to raise his son!” Jolson. ” Mame ‘. There were three main components of the original version of ” The Jazz Singer, “In the midst of them, found in the new edition, Neil Diamond Championship just a sound. The sound is a double-edged sword, because it is often a degree sad Mr. Diamond, and New edition of conspiracy that is not a little “more logical. So Download The Jazz Singer Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.