The Human Race Full Movie

The Human Race

Original Name: The Human Race

Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.4


Release Date: 13 June 2014


Download The Human Race Full Movie and it is 2013 Hollywood Horror film directed by Paul Hough. I’m just writing this review to counter some of the other obviously faked reviews written here. I was tricked to watch this movie too, because it had a rating of 7.3 with over a 1000 ratings. So I thought this could be a solid piece of horror/splatter. But it’s not. I assure you, it’s not. You will be disappointed after watching it, because it’s painfully bad.

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And I don’t mean bad as in “The Tourist” bad, it’s just cheap filmmaking by people who don’t know what they’re doing. This can’t be the work of professionals. Bad acting, bad dialog, bad lightning, bad camera, bad cinematography, bad special effect. complete senseless directing, conclusion, story. It’s just a piece of trash. Yes it’s that bad. And I’m writing this only to save you from losing over 1hour of your life. And to restore justice to the rating/review system of IMDb. You’re welcome.

There is a side of the bully who is really in the movie. Especially in the dark with a few children who were in battle and insists that handshake School. The baby is only available as insurance and pull the leg is considered small smile. He denied the new baby. Literary sends the boy away and the congregation is manageable. Of course, the man who is comfortable bullying. Maybe things fled back to farce. He knows the victim. It was along this road on the back.

If the investigator were more skeptical, and he knows it too. One of the topics documentary film about me Hirsch is how many parents and teachers have no idea what is really happening in the group without the names of the children in their care. Many children are reluctant to explain some of them rely on intimidation. I’m offended or worried? Bullying is intended to make the environment less, and their cause, and perhaps worked.

The film follows the stories of a number of children in the state of Mississippi, Oklahoma and Georgia. Two of them suicide operative. Their lives have become unbearable, without a note or removal of dangerous situations in the show. I can handle. Film people are more annoying teachers or administrators who do not know what is happening or not sensitive to know, and perhaps afraid to cut red tape or parents. I think, but I do not know that my father bullied and possibly anthrax is happening in the neighboring country fueling fees for their children and might abuse is not the best.