The Ghost and the Darkness Full Movie

The Ghost and the Darkness

Original Name: The Ghost and the Darkness

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Language: English, Hindi

IMDB Rating: 6.8


Release Date: 11 October 1996


Download The Ghost and the Darkness Full Movie and it is 1996 Hollywood action, adventure and drama film directed by Stephen Hopkins. In 1898, Sir Robert Beaumont (Tom Wilkinson), the most important activity for a rail project in Tsavo, Kenya, is furious that the project is delayed.

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He seeks the experience of John Henry Patterson (Val Kilmer), a British military engineer for the project back on track. Patterson traveling from England to Tsavo says to his wife, Helen, who has completed the project and be back in London for the birth of his son. Meet supervisor Angus Starling (Brian McCardie) and Samuel (John Kani), born in Africa (and narrator of the film), and Dr. David Hawthorne (Bernard Hill). Hawthorne Patterson says a recent attack lions.

That night, Patterson kill a lion comes with one shot, earning respect for the workers. The project goes back in time. But not long after Mahina (Henry Cele), foreman, was dragged out of his tent in the middle of the night.

Their average body was found eating the next morning. Patterson try a second lion hunting at night, but the next morning, another employee is found dead on the other side of the field from position Patterson. Patterson only solace is the letters he receives from his wife. Quickly, while the workers gather firewood and building bonfires around the shops, a lion Attacke camp in the afternoon.

While Patterson, Samuel Starling and placement of one end of the field, another lion jumped on them from the roof of a building and killed Starling with a slash to the neck and damaged Patterson. Despite the efforts of the last to flee to kill them both lions.

Samuel says he has never been a few man-eaters; is always lonely hunter. The men, led by Abdullah (Om Puri), start spinning in Patterson. Lions they call the “Holy” and “darkness”, because of their attack methods are known, and work stoppages of the bridge. Patterson asked soldiers from England to protect workers, but refused.

During a field visit, Beaumont, Patterson says will ruin your reputation if the bridge is not ready in time and it will communicate with to help the famous hunter Charles Remington (Michael Douglas), as Patterson could not kill animals.

When Remington comes with Maasai warriors trained to help kill the lions fail first attempt when it loses shots borrowed from Patterson. Warriors choose to leave, but Remington slow. A new hospital for sick and injured workers was built and seduces lions abandoned with animal parts and design of blood.

When the Lions this fall, Remington and Patterson shoot; escape and the attack of the new hospital and killed many patients and Dr. Hawthorne. Abdullah and men to build, and only Patterson, Remington, Samuel and left to meet the looters.

Patterson and Remington locate ‘den, the discovery of the bones of dozens of victims lions animals. That night, Remington kill one of the pair of Patterson and a baboon as bait. That night, dreaming of his wife and infant son Patterson to visit him in Tsavo, only to be attacked by wolves before they can reach.

Waking up from his nightmare in the morning, Patterson found that the remaining lion Remington dragged his tent and killed him; The body of Patterson, Remington cremated at the stake in the place where he died. Sad and desperate to end the carnage, Patterson decided to ride the tall grass around the field to survive the lion camp and ambush burned.

The attacks by lions and Samuel Patterson in a partially built bridge and after a long battle, killing Patterson Eventually him. Abdullah and the men returned to the building, and the bridge is completed on time. The film ends with the wife Patterson arrives with his son, and a history of Samuel, the audience that the lions are now on display at the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois informs. Even today, he says, “if you dare to lock eyes with them, you will be afraid.” So Download The Ghost and the Darkness Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.