The Eagle Has Landed Full Movie

The Eagle Has Landed

Original Name: The Eagle Has Landed

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Thriller

Language: English, German, Polish

IMDB Rating: 6.9


Release Date: 25 December 1976


Download The Eagle Has Landed Full Movie and it is 1976 Hollywood Adventure film directed by John Sturges. Directed by John Sturges This adaptation of Jack Higgins novel The film is about the attempt kidnapping of Winston Churchill by the German high command during World War II. When you notice that Winston Churchill in November 1943 is planned to spend the weekend in a country house in Norfolk, the Germans plan to kidnap him. Heinrich Himmler (Donald Pleasence), on behalf of Hitler, Colonel Nazi indicates Max Radl (Robert Duvall), and the task of making cunning English hate the Irishman Liam.

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Devlin (Donald Sutherland) in the British countryside Dictionary and organize the work of a group of 16 men Parachute in the city, in the countryside Sudley Constable English under the supervision of Colonel Kurt Steiner (Michael Caine). Work Efficiency plan very well, and in no time his program specially developed a perfect start to crumble. “The eagle has landed”, directed by John Sturges, is a good old adventure films with strong characters and episodes that you can relax and enjoy without having to worry about if it really happened, or even if it fills reasonable.

The time is at the end of 1943 shows an adventure in efforts to abduct some German special forces, and Winston Churchill and returned to Berlin, says the film on Hitler to negotiate a peace with the Allies. Michael Caine plays the leader of the attack, an officer of German Paratroopers adoption papers that the humanitarian principles set out n the film, while on his way from Germany to the Russian front, in his efforts to violations of Polish Jewess save by Nazi soldiers. With the exception of Heinrich Himmler (Donald Pleasance), and all the Germans in the film is decent, the same category as risk Ives to save the world less happy as they are world leaders kidnapping.

These include Anthony Quayle as a German admiral. Wilhelm Canaris, who has a very funny scene in the beginning of the picture, and at the meeting with Hitler describes the strategy a bit ‘like the wheel of history Darryl Zanuck, and Robert Duvall looks like a German officer whose job is to provide a feasibility study for the raid. More than a movie, but is situated in the beautiful Norfolk coast of England, where the Germans, and disguised the free Polish forces together in anticipation of the arrival of Churchill’s visit this weekend.

Mr. Ken main partner is a national Irish quickly suspicious and wary of Donald Sutherland Championship conversation with good script and accent seems to be getting on and off the internal calendar mysterious. Other characters are cute English girl (Jenny Agutter) who falls in love with an officer in the Irish army and the US (Larry Hagman) is a fool who almost won the day for the Germans. Tom Mankiewicz script based on the novel Jack Higgins, simple and efficient, and also sometimes intentionally funny.

Mr. Sturges Account Day, Duel in the OK Corrall and “The Great Escape” to obtain the results of the first class, building the tension until the top of the film sequence, from a distance you might suspect, culminating in a plot twist. With so many of voltage failure melodrama seems these days, is a refreshing one’s made by people who know what they will see, and that knowledge, they have no delusions of grandeur. The screening of the film in theaters on the first Sunday in Colombia. “The Eagle has landed” is rated PG (“parental guidance suggested”), culminating with extended battle sequence that very young children who have never been exposed to scare the TV in prime time. So Download The Eagle Has Landed Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.