The Delta Force Full Movie

The Delta Force

Original Name: The Delta Force

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller, War

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.5


Release Date: 14 February 1986


Download The Delta Force Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Action and Dramatic film of 1986 which is directed by Menahem Golan. Some of the first moments of “Delta Force” had prepared me for laughing. Here is a movie about the hijacking of a plane, which was on the passenger list? Why, George Kennedy, of course – from the movie “Airport” and “Earthquake” and Shelley Winters, dropped spend their first holiday since Poseidon. I thought it would be another disaster movie funny, but I was wrong. “Delta Force” is located in a well-made film that seduces us with its parallels with real life. The film is inspired in June 1985, was the TWA hijacking and hostage after passengers trapped in Beirut, Lebanon.

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In the film, the name of the airline ATW changed -. Veri-thin) Many moments taken directly from life in the film, for example, when an American soldier beaten to death by terrorists and thrown on the pitch, when a terrorist a gun to the driver’s head during a press conference. The docudrama approach gives a mystical sense of the film, but later, after Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin arrives on the scene, not so much to be confused with reality. The film focuses directly to our national fantasies of revenge; in “The Delta Force”, the kidnapping ended the way we wanted.

Screenplay by Michael Burton and Matt MacManus, based on the story of Mark H. Baker. A 12-year-old lost in 1978 and then again in 1986. In the eight years that have passed, has no age. It is no coincidence that, at the time the “efficiency”, a flying saucer was found entangled in power lines. The year is 1978: 12 years, David Freeman (Joey Cramer), playing in the woods near his home, passed out. He wakes up and goes home, only to find foreigners living there. They also found that the year is 1986, and officially passed eight years.

The story gives flight and passenger movements and kidnapping then sandwich Delta Force, a unit of the crack US command specializes in counterterrorism missions. Delta led by hoary old Marvin. Your best fighter is a hot dog played by Norris, who once again emerged as a man who wants to retire, but can not resist the call to action, and arrive at the last moment his truck confidence. (If I am the agent Norris, I insist that his next film contains a new way of presenting the frame.) There are some dangers here that the film has to do with.

The action plan tends to degenerate into a renovated old movie “Airport”, but the director Menahem Golan has his cast wise to keep their act fairly insignificant. Norris and actions tend to resemble their activities in “Missing in Action” and “Invasion USA” Golan does nothing to counter this trend; In fact, he thinks, in scenes like the one where Norris drives his motorcycle rocket fire through the window of a terrorist hideout and Socks villain in the jaw. (This is the second film in the series as X-ray vision Norris in “Invasion USA” driving his van in a department store in a terrorist attack How do you know what is the jam barriers him. Stella from?) It’s something fun action movie.

If it does not, we have a lot of fun making holes, because the error X-ray vision of the hero. When do the job, but we forgive those inconsistencies. “Delta Force” works. And “thrilling and exciting and well adapted to the personality Marvin and Norris, working together here in few laconic veteran of many job difficult. The film also has another attribute any good thriller needs: first-class performance the actor who plays the villain. As Abdul, terrorist leader, an American actor named Robert Forster gives a performance exciting, intense and uncompromising. He is the real threat and maintains “Delta Force” will not be an action comic.

The first in a series of images, Delta Force loosely based on real events 1 June 1985 kidnapping. The leader of a strong anti-terrorism (Lee Marvin) and is the most effective member (Chuck Norris) must deal with a group of Arab fanatics who flew to Rome and was sentenced to fly to Beirut. David is forced to take some mature decisions, but the film does not speak to the children. And keep children and their parents fascinated because David and his family are very credible. Cliff De Young and Veronica Cartwright, as parents, do not pretend that it’s a bad dream innocent.

With all the intensity and relief of parents worry about their children, causing an impossible situation real human emotions. Joey Cramer seems a bit “young for 12, but otherwise it is a spectacular job that makes David. It is equally convincing as a frightened child and carefree friend, rocker Max beside an old Beach Boys song. ” Navigator ”, which opens at the Ziegfeld and other theaters today may not have the originality of a true classic; and while the special effects offer some great moments, not cold enough to be brilliant.

But the film is so engaging, so funny constant, which is good as the best film in the family can be around. ” Navigator ” is rated PG (” Parental Guidance Suggested ”) classification. Some children may Disturbed in the realism of the confusion of David, but this is sure to enjoy a movie for most children. A Boy and His Robot – Navigator, directed by Randal Kleiser. So Download The Delta Force Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mac.