The Darkness Full Movie

The Darkness

Original Name: The Darkness

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 4.2


Release Date: 13 May 2016


Download The Darkness Full Movie and it is 2016 Hollywood Horror film directed by Greg McLean. Did you know that feeling when you come home for the holidays and have no idea what’s out there? Maybe nothing like facing Taylor family when they return from vacation the Grand Canyon and his son Michael begins to act strangely. Bacon and Mitchell play the parents worried about children who are busy with other things to pay attention to the strange voice, so it’s impossible to ignore the smell in the house. Now it’s not a very threadbare formula in the movie haunted house as seen from the likes of Last paranormal insidious and left-carat. All preferably Jason Bloom, although the child is playing a scary game with colleagues, can be all the way back returns to 1982 evil spirit.

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In this case, it is likely to have caused poor Indian spirits to follow Taylor’s home number carved symbols Michael bags on the rocks after falling in a cave at the beginning of the film and of course, its withdrawal from this error cave. If this sounds like something lifted from the evil spirit and we will be fine! But there are many aspects of the dark, which I will not say another family vacation with Taylor. The cast of a typical mix of veterans and new talent consists. Kevin Bacon and Radar Mitchell Taylor plays Peter and Bonny happy couple, it seems to hold a special meeting with his company by his addiction and two alcohol from children who suffer from teen problems of anorexia Stephanie Lucy Fry and the preteen who suffer from autism Mickey David Mahout. Director Greg McLean Australian film Wolf Creek is the director fully capable and talented cast more drama than other movies, but it’s hard not to feel that they are being wasted on this weak material. Not helped by the generic name for the horror film as possible, and there was a horror film in 2002, simply called dark played by, but at least things take a turn for the film processor spiritual Taylor reaches mandatory seem to clean the house.