The Count of Monte Cristo Full Movie

The Count of Monte Cristo

Original Name: The Count of Monte Cristo

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 7.7

Country: , ,

Release Date: 25 January 2002


Download The Count of Monte Cristo Full Movie and it is 2002 Hollywood action, adventure and drama film directed by Kevin Reynolds. In 1815, Edmond Dantes, mate with a French merchant, and his friend Fernand Mondego, a company representative, go to the island of Elba to seek medical help for their captain ill.

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Dante and the Mondego pursued by British dragoons who think they are spies for the exile of Napoleon Bonaparte. Bonaparte will help, indicating that they are not its agents.

If payment for the use of your physician, asked Bonaparte Dante to deliver a letter to a gentleman in France Clarion. The captain dies, however, and go from Elba. On his return to France, where Dante reprimanded by the first officer on the ship Danglars for disobeying orders. But the head of the company, Morrell, praised the courage of Dante, promote him to captain Danglars, who was left fuming.

Mondego intercepted promised Dante’s, Mercedes, and tries to seduce her. When he hears that promote Dante, Dante realizes that the Mondego and Mercedes marry soon. A bitter Mondego gets drunk and tells Danglars letter of Napoleon gave Dante. Danglars says Dante, who is accused of treason and asked a judge, Ville. Ville thought Dante is innocent and is about to release him when he realizes that the father of the receiver, a Bonapartist. Horrified, the card is burned and Dante sent to the island prison, Château d’If.

Dantes escapes along the way and looks betrayed assistance Mondego, but the Mondego and hurt him so he can not escape. Dantes is imprisoned put in the Chateau d’If, ruled by the sadistic Armand Dorléac. At the same time spread the news that Napoleon has escaped from Elba. Mondego, Mercedes, Morrell and father innocence Dante’s’ Ville Dante will discuss, but rejects them Ville. Without the other, and Ville Mondego compete with each other and informs Mercedes Ville Dante was performed.

In prison, Dante’s friend Abbé Faria, a priest and former soldier since the elders of Napoleon’s army. Faria was jailed for refusing to reveal the location of the Count of Spada died enormous fortune. Thirteen years Faria educates Dantes, mathematics, literature, philosophy, economics, hand and sword fighting and military strategy.

Try to escape, but their underground caves, mortally wounded Faria, Dante shows where the treasure of Spada before he died. When the guards Faria put in a body bag, Dante change places with the dead and cast into the sea, where Dorléac with him, he drowns ready.

Dante’s washed up on a desert island and meet Luigi blaze, a smuggler and a thief, and his band of pirates. Dante made to Jacopo, a traitor to those who intend to fight to bury him alive. Dante’s defeat Jacopo, but convinces Blaze save his life; Jacopo Dante swear to serve later. Dante goes smugglers left with Jacopo upon their arrival in Marseille. Visit Morrell, who do not recognize it.

Dante learns that even in prison, his father committed suicide, took Danglars company Morrell after doing a couple, and married Mercedes Mondego. Dante’s go to the Island of Montecristo, find the treasure of Sword and swears revenge on his betrayers, where the character of “The Count of Monte Cristo” mysterious. In Rome, hire Blaze kidnap the son of Albert Mondego and then “save” and befriends, selectively reveal the treasure of Spada know said Father Albert.

In return, Albert invites the count to his birthday party at her home in Paris. Dante wanted to discuss an assignment. Mondego and Ville are now convinced that Monte Cristo has found the lost steal the treasure of Spada and texture. At the party, Mercedes admits Dante, who is still in love. Jacopo you can hide in the transport of Montecristo to talk to him, he wanted his master to leave his obsession with revenge and just life.

Dante turns away and refuses to be his former lover, but it gives when he accidentally used the name of Edmond. As Danglars men steal the burden of Monte Cristo Mondego faces Dante, with police in tow. Danglars fight Dante, who reveals his true identity, kept the first Danglars. Dante wanted to confess to killing a contract with the Mondego his father in exchange for telling Mercedes that Dante was deceased. Wanted arrested, and realize the true identity of Monte Cristo, before being put into prison. So Download The Count of Monte Cristo Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.