The Connection 2014 Full Movie

The Connection 2014

Original Name: La French

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

Language: French

IMDB Rating: 7.1


Release Date: 15 May 2015


Download The Connection 2014 Full Movie and it is a Hollywood action film directed by Cédric Jimenez. It reserves the alternating left and right works his bow Toronto Film Festival, said that “contact” not only sounds good on paper, but has also brought round retro beautiful Jean Dujardin, dudded on pins and polyester suits for the role. Dugardan plays tirelessly dedicated Judge Pierre Michel, Metz transfer to the southern port city of Marseille, where a mob boss named Gaetan Zampa bad news (Gilles Lellouche) all cowering in fear of the legal system.

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The French do not necessarily know the details of how Michelangelo finally broke ruthless international syndicate of drugs that are responsible for pumping the entire Gotham heroin in the mid 70’s this story that is not hänsyns usually a big advantage for the AUD’s Galle, also a reason to be proud of the fact that such a high profile, seemed Hollywood caliber pic to be from the local film industry. I did not mean to allow exceptions such as France comedies regular police and movies served with production on equal terms with the American values (at a fraction of the budget).

But the “contact” as a conscious attempt at home raising Americans bar for overseas: a piece strong period, bursting with detail and personalities that are convenient to take multiple views. Speaks dramatically, but the packaging is more attractive than the content, and there is a gap that has been revealed from the moment the character Dugardan up to Marseille. This is the ability to make or break the extent of the alleged Jimenez Zampa in the city, but the rapid succession of generic examples to settle below routinely correct: a pair of public executions, and shooting, screaming pedestrians alarm during Zampa criminals go unchecked.

The world has seen a lot of movies bunch, at this stage of violence just to impress, and Jimenez often have their feelings in small groups, and not enough to justify the mandatory components, and dry them. It seems that the director is determined to each of the characters and Michelle Pao humanize reasons clearly in the final moments of the film will be – even if one of the package desired emotional weight the results. Working again with “Introduction aux yeux de tous” co-writer Audrey Diwan, Jimenez (who grew up in Marseille, while this happened).

I felt nervous restore the atmosphere of the time, but did not do enough to score David Fincher on “Zodiac “and Spike Lee” Summer of Sam “, where they were AUD’s just feeling tense as it should be locals for crime wave in question. But reconstruction feel more artificial in the visual aspects of accuracy: Besides the impression of intimidation, White by Bao Sun and his gang did not pressure to conceal his actions, and evil, in broad daylight, the film feels antique details – from old cars short Vera Neumann – feels like a cheap form of Mineral 70S.

On the other hand, Dugardan I have always felt that a man of the past, and the same classic appeal that has served him well in “The Artist” and “OSS 117” series helps compelling place in the middle of the middle of the 70 drug sting. Pressed deep into the System Center her risk of corruption comes up to the top (an employee of the mayor’s office has relationships with gang Jiabao, and more importantly, the police apparently on the payroll), the best hope for getting things means facing rivals (such as ambitious “Crazy Horse,” starring Benoit Magimel) together.

Return to the dark past Michel also gambling, and pic means that his new obsession is investing even greater effort – one that puts real life on the line. This dynamic shift attention from documents organized crime in a series of interior scenes too familiar, and his wife, Michelle, and participates in due course (Celine Sallette, and the best actress gives a chance to show) worry about their work could literally be dead him. Jimenez similar attempt to demystify Pau, where a range of family issues poorly V for him.

But the AUD’s definitely restless during the opening of the Club Krypton huge loses money (to his wife happy company), or check out some of the activities clutch home life (cycling, swimming in pool, reading to his son), where bad news is inevitably creeps. These data are extremely low profile of AUD’s qualified Scorsese and “The Sopranos,” and despite the fact that the accuracy can maneuver plates of macho (as it did in “Mad Men” and “Bad Break”), but it requires a great sex every cramp function. So Download The Connection 2014 Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.