The Color of Money Full Movie

The Color of Money

Original Name: The Color of Money

Genre: Drama, Sport

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 7.0


Release Date: 17 October 1986


Download The Color of Money Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Drama and Sport film of 1986 which is directed by Martin Scorsese. If this film is directed by someone else, perhaps otherwise, I thought, because I still can not wait that long. However, “The Color of Money” directed by Martin Scorsese, the most exciting American director working now, and is an exciting movie. No electricity, voltage discontinued their best work, and as a result, I was all too aware of the march through history. Scorsese would have thought of this film as a deliberate traditional, conventional film with big names and a very popular topic; Maybe he did it for that reason.

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But I think it’s the stubborn soul of an artist, and I can not put your heart in your heart will not go. And his heart, in my mind tends to create new and completely personal stories about characters who come to life in his imagination – not finish the story of another person, which began 25 years ago. “The Color of Money” is not a sequel, exactly, but it does not begin with some new inspiration. Continues the story of “Fast Eddie” Felson, the character played by Paul Newman in Robert Rossen “The Hustler” (1961). Now it’s 25 years.

Eddie continues to play pool, but not for money, not the dangerous high-risk types of players who have taken him out of the game. He is a seller of liquor, a success, judging by the long white Cadillac that takes much pride in. One night, he sees a guy playing pool, and the guy is so good that stirred memories of Eddie. This guy is not just good, though. He is also, Eddie points out, “bow”, and that gives you an idea: with Eddie as his coach, would this guy be focused on the world of big money pool where exfoliation would get rid of the other players.

They would not be inclined to believe that it was true. The challenge, of course, is to educate children so you can go back and pull off at will – so that you can take to make money above all, each move and temptations in the billiard room. The man named Vincent (Tom Cruise) and Eddie goes to him for the girl by Vincent, Carmen (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio). She is a year older than Vince and difficult. She loves the excitement of being around Vince and around the pool hectic, but Eddie sees that she is bored. He estimates that an agreement with the baby can reach; Together they will steer Vince and ran towards money.

Many of the first scenes this set are treated very well, especially the moments when Eddie Carmen used to make Vince jealous and undermine their confidence. But of course, these scenes work well because they are a part of history that is closer sensitivity Scorsese. In all of his best films, we see the same ambiguity about the role of women, who are seen as objects of comfort and fear, creatures who want their heroes to be desired and despised. Think heroes “Mean Streets,” “Taxi Driver” and “Raging Bull” and their relationships with women, and you feel that energy comes from intercourse Carmen Vicente, and distrust it.

The film seems less at history, as in the case of a fall, their shame, who rushed into the pool. But it will not change much throughout history, and perhaps not even free to change much, because their experiences are largely determined by the needs of the plot. Here we come to the great weakness in “The Color of Money”: A few times worn genres, and his story is generated outside situations Hollywood standards.

First we have the basic story of the old and young professional talent. Then we have the story of the girl who wants to play the master of the throne. Many of the scenes in this film almost formula, even if power management and performance Scorsese. They occur in the same places that you would expect to come to a film than anyone else, and contains the same facts. In the end, everything points towards the end of the film, we know that a collision between Eddie and Vince is between Newman and Cruise. The fact that the film does not contain the scene reward is disappointing. So Download The Color of Money Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.