The Best Years of Our Lives Full Movie

The Best Years of Our Lives

Original Name: The Best Years of Our Lives

Genre: Drama, Romance, War

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 8.2


Release Date: 17 June 1947


Download The Best Years of Our Lives Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Drama and Romance film which is directed by William Wyler. Homer must stop at Uncle Butch pub to drink before you get home you might think. “I was at home, baby,” said an elderly man every three veterans just returned to his hometown of Bonn, somewhere in the Midwest, and each in its own way, and he was afraid of them reunion. Dialogue on the curtain on than six decades later, it feels surprisingly modern: skinny, straight and honest about the problems that Hollywood avoided. After years of war and national championships in the movies, and this was back and one side do you think the problems of veterans home.

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The film focuses on the stories of three men. Al Stephenson (Frederic March), the 40S him was an infantry soldier and now back to his family and to the bank where he works. Fred Derry (Dana Andrews), a crew from an attacker. The Homer Parrish (Harold Russell) Navy man who lost both hands and is now used steel hooks. “You must be the basis of the Navy,” said Farid al-Qaeda, Homero walk slowly while watching his taxi at the front door, “and especially the training of the child how to use these hooks.” He says: “They can not make up wrapped her arms around the child, or stroke his hair.”

That’s why he wanted Homer to stop drinking. When he went to war, he would have a date with Wilma (Cathy O’Donnell), the girl next door, but now feared how you react to artificial hands. Other men are also afraid. Fred grew up in a hut near the track and work in the pharmacy soda jerk when he enlisted, and now married to a sexy Mary (Virginia May), who had stopped writing. Al-Qaeda is 20 years of marriage Millie (Myrna Loy), and has a son Rob (Michael Hall) and daughter Peggy (Teresa Wright).

Welcome home with love and hugs, but not great. Their children have changed, changed his life, and after going to bed, Rob, suddenly he remembers Butch bar and lets his wife and daughter with him to the party. And two other men also focuses on Butch. Homer could not take excessive kindness and mercy press he thought he heard his parents and Wilma. Peace is not in a home in an apartment Marie has found. The three men were plastered with his wife from behind human understanding. In such a unique and Peggy evening his first call, and they begin to fall in love.

Screenwriter Robert Sherwood, moving with confidence problems of the three men face. Hasty and relatively low profile, and this is not a docudrama desperate. Peace is clear that Mary is a girl who does not want to party in the life of pharmaceutical Salary $ 32.50. Homer tries to force cold through Wilma, did not want his pity. Create an upgrade in the bank, and is responsible for providing loans under the GI Bill, but the rebels when they asked him to trust insurance for more than one candidate and his character. While drinking, and has destroyed a long, semi-heroic moment when he talks about his views on a working dinner.

The film makes no effort to pull these guys unusual. Their lives, their personalities, their prospects are all more or less normal, and not be sucked into the drama Wheeler useless. This is the reason why the film is very effective, and perhaps the reason why it does not seem outdated even some dramas in 1946. But Wheeler stunning images that are used to make some of your points. He worked with the great cinematographer Gregg Toland, famous for his photography in films like “Citizen Kane” deep focus, and often use deep approach Wheeler, instead of cutting, so that the meaning of a scene can reveal to us instead of killing her close by.

Watch the scene where Homer Butch proudly display as Butch (Hoagie Carmichael) taught him to play the piano with his hooks. It seems that Fred, Fred into the phone booth in the background away important call. The camera does not move, but our eyes follow the movement unique to the cottage, we focus on making a decision. One of the most famous sequences in the film is a unique decided to leave the city in search of work, and to the airport. In your waiting for your military transport flight, enter the cemetery from Great warplanes mothballed.

This scene is heartbreaking. When Fred flew these planes, and now, and that there is no longer a need for drivers. Wage very exciting ridiculous scene. And consider the long final scene of the film, when he married Homer and Wilma. Fred and Peggy are some of the guests. Smaller fans say, and Peggy promised his parents that he would cast the blame Fred unhappy marriage break. But Al said Fred from his daughter – one of the reasons that he leaves the city, although Mary divorce sticky.

“The Best Years”, do not use fireworks verbal or technologies. Confident in the strength of its history. Source of energy is the implementation of Harold Russell, a veteran with only one arm. He criticized Samuel Goldwyn product actually in use “in a bad” Messenger of taste, but watching the scene frightening which calls Homer and Wilma to your room – do not make a pass, but to show him what it’s all about getting ready for bed. He may think you understand why I do not think he can marry her.

Russell was an inexperienced actor, but quite honestly. He says: “That’s when I know I’m helpless hands are out of the bed, and I could not be put back without anyone asking for help can not smoke cigarettes or read a book If you close the door suddenly, I can not open and leave the room. I’m addicted to it that a child who does not know how to do something, but to weep for her to get them. “WeknowRussell speaks for itself, and emotional power is overwhelming. O’Donnell’s answer is the perfect plan. So Download The Best Years of Our Lives Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.