Tears of the Sun Full Movie

Tears of the Sun

Original Name: Tears of the Sun

Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.6


Release Date: 7 March 2003


Download Tears of the Sun Full Movie and it is 2003 Hollywood action, drama and thriller film directed by Antoine Fuqua. Lieutenant AK Waters (Bruce Willis) and his seclusion Navy SEAL Sea (Eamonn Walker), Slo (Nick Chinlund), Red (Cole Hauser), Lake (Johnny Messner), Silk (Charles Ingram), Doc (Paul Francis) and Flea (Chad Smith), by Captain Bill Rhodes (Tom Skerritt) is sent to Nigeria for an “important person”, a Dr. Lena Kendricks Flower (Monica Bellucci), a US citizen to expand marriage. The secondary mission is to complete the mission of the priest and two nuns.

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The mission begins as scheduled. Waters says Dr. Kendricks group of rebels in their hospitals were closed and mission, and that team orders are to remove US personnel; However Kendricks refuses to leave without patients. Waters named Captain Rhodes for options; After the conversation short and ambiguous, recognizes Dr. Kendricks that refugees can take walks. Installation of healthy people for 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) walk begins; the priest and nuns are left to care for the wounded. Irritated and afternoon, equipment and refugees leaving the mission hospital after dawn.

In the evening a short break. The guerrilla rebels rapidly approaching their position and water kills a quiet rebel stragglers. Dr. Kendricks Waters warns rebels go on missions, but is determined to carry out his orders, and continue the extractor. When they arrive, the waters original plan clear: SEAL suddenly turn away refugees from the helicopter waiting.

Dr. Kendricks Waters forces helicopter, leaving the refugees stranded in the jungle, not protected against the rebels. On the way to the aircraft carrier, flying over the connection’s original mission, see destroyed, killing all occupants, as Dr. Kendricks had predicted. Repentance, indicating water pilot returning refugees. After loading the refugees possible by helicopter in place and decide to continue to assist refugees on the border with Cameroon.

On the way to the border, with the help of satellite images, find the rebels in any way to follow them. Since escaping and avoiding the rebels, the computer in a town whose inhabitants are raped, tortured and massacred by the rebels. Recognizing the opportunity to stop, recommend Waters team to crush the rebels.

Your computer is emotionally affected by the atrocities committed against villagers rebels. Back on track, Slo indicates that a refugee is a signal that allows the rebels to find them. The search for the station indicates the presence of Arthur Azuka (Sammi Rotibi), surviving son of the deposed president Samuel Azuka, who realize why the rebels hunt them.

Samuel Azuka was not only the president but also the tribal king of the Igbo. As the only survivor of this royal bloodline, Arthur was the only person left with a legitimate claim leadership of Nigeria. A refugee latest collections during the trek detected by the transmitter on it. Try to run but his shot. Water is angry at Dr. Kendricks, because she always knew about Arthur, but had not informed him.

The team decides to accompany refugees in Cameroon, regardless of the cost. A shootout occurs when the rebels finally caught up with the seals, who chooses to remain as refugees come back to buy enough time to safely reach the limit. Sea Harry S. Truman called for air support; two Hornets F / A-18A and the head of the fire department. Rebels kill Slo, Flea, Lake, and silk.

Waters, Red Sea and Doc are wounded, but where direct attack fighter pilots. Arthur and Dr. Kendricks struggling border fence Cameroon when they hear the approach of fighter jets and bomb everything rebels. Water, sea, Doc, and increase the network of grass that the US Navy helicopters land in Cameroon, in front of the door to the border fence Nigeria. Captain Rhodes comes in and orders the door, leaving the seals and refugees.

The distribution of the US Marines escort the SEALs after several helicopters. Captain Rhodes Waters promises to retrieve the bodies of their people. Dr. Kendricks goodbye to friends and wings on the same helicopter with Waters. So Download Tears of the Sun Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.