Tango & Cash Full Movie

Tango & Cash

Original Name: Tango & Cash

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.3


Release Date: 22 December 1989

Director: ,

Download Tango & Cash Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Action and Crime film of 1989. Stallone, a man in desperate need of professional advice, has had the good sense to be larger screen life to the needs of a film presence companion orderly, and poor judgment in choosing this. ” Tango and Cash ” Finding Mr. Stallone wear three pieces and glasses on an overly ambitious attempt to make the break with Rambo, contact with Kurt Russell as a fellow in Los Angeles narcotics officer. Two policemen in Los Angeles rivals are asked to take down a powerful drug lord in this action comedy together. Of course, undergoes company before clashing egos; But when the two agents are part of the drug lord, learn to work together to clear their names. Ray Tango and Gabriel Cash are narcos that even two successful, can not stand. Crime Lord Yves Perret, furious at the loss of income that Tango and Cash have caused him, the two of murder.

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When exactly is Tango & Cash belong in the pantheon of movie cops? Take a moment to be commended for his release in 1989. A negative review in the New York Times that fucking story, screenplay and acting revised. Three nominations for the Golden Raspberry Awards, including both the worst actor and worst scenarios. And even today a rating of 39% on Rotten Tomatoes maintained. I was 25 years too late, but I am here to defend the cause of Tango & Cash is (maybe) police funniest movie just never did. Not the “best movie cop”, actually. I’m not crazy. I do not claim Tango & Cash is actually a good movie. But there is a difference between good and great.

First, let protagonists. SuperAgent Ray Tango starring Sylvester Stallone, with all the nuances that are waiting for a slap in the face. Tango three-piece suit, taking calls from your broker first and shoot the other. And “a man that a tanker will turn to show that it is partially loaded with coke. Partially. If you are going to follow around a man who is charged with self confidence and lack the intelligence, how could the quality of pranks do not occur? Next Gabriel Cash seconds of Kurt Russell in the title, but first in our hearts. While Stallone Tango Übermensch pristine, Russell Tango is a robust common man. Only one man in the street who also seem to have a harder rock so hard you can throw the man articulation weaker. Character Russell is the most accessible of the two agents. Who could hope to be.

Tango is out of reach. Your car chases occur in arid deserts. Instead of cash in the urban maze of parking lots, marked by sliding couple humping in the back seat of the car. Cash pursuits seems a little “fun. In contrast to these comparisons police Yves Perret (Jack Palance!) One of the most brilliant creations ever to grace the big screen. Take all the bad James Bond never go all in a bag full of cats, stirring for fifteen minutes, and I’m pretty sure Perret arise. It is so diabolical be cunning, that when you make an extended metaphor for the need to destroy Tango and Cash, who actually has a lacquered box full of mice, and a huge maze ready to help to make. Part of the genius thin Tango & Cash takes this character crazy and funnel them into a plot that really holds water. Not much water is true, but a little. “In short, these are:

Tango and Cash Perrett see the harm their operations, and instead of making martyrs of them, causing a police repression and not charged with murder. Tango and Cash are then put in prison, but fled before Perret can eliminate them. The couple then tear up the framework, connecting abuse Perret, and kill as bad as they can. Now, let’s go to any club that we can find in the crazy hit the bag. For example, consider the complex Perret, at the end of the film. We Perret neutral inventive, but nothing really we can prepare for the fact that apparently Perret again the set of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome to their village.

The film ends with Tango and Cash actually drive a mini-van heavily armored (no, really) around while being chased by the monster trucks, motorcycles, and large pieces of equipment excavation. Because of the explosions, that’s why. But my favorite moment of madness, because in times of need, I ask, “What would Kurt Russell?” Escape before cash out of a strip club. He met the sister of Tango, an exotic dancer, but now police surrounded the place and moved in. Cash is in the back, causing both frightens and rock mullet with equal ferocity. What does he do? Will weapon? Use ventilation system secret? They are immersed in the sewers and go over the problem? Maybe the bike on the roof? No, you’re thinking too small. Do you tango. What is Kurt Russell? Go through the clothes. So Download Tango & Cash Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.