Support Your Local Gunfighter Full Movie

Support Your Local Gunfighter

Original Name: Support Your Local Gunfighter

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Western

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.9


Release Date: 3 June 1971


Download Support Your Local Gunfighter Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Comedy and Romance film of 1971 which is directed by Burt Kennedy. Latigo Smith, a man of players and trust are traveling by train was on the border of Colorado with the rich and powerful Goldie. Goldie’s in love with Latigo and desperately wants to marry him, a destination that does not want to know anything. He managed to fall off the train in purgatory, a mining town insignificant. The assessment of the situation, to find that the two mining companies’ rivals, led by Taylor Barton and Colonel Ames, competing for a gold “Mother Lode” buried to find a restaurant nearby. Dynamite explosions massive mountain towns reporting to its foundations, create or embellish several comic moments throughout the film.

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Latigo see the town doctor an embarrassing problem not immediately disclosed, but it gets a tattoo Goldie linked to learning, despite itself, it can not be excluded. Latigo seminal weakness is gambling; Soon, he lost all his money, and more, in roulette, playing his song “Lucky”. After hearing a rumor that awaits the one who shot the infamous “Swifty” Morgan City, Latigo preparing a scam: using the good mood for something right Swifty Jug replace the May plan to pay its debts and save the city before it Swifty makes its appearance . In the process draws Latigo attention Patience “The Sidewinder” Barton, the daughter of temper Taylor, who desperately wants to escape this existence impoundment border to live “Miss Hunter College on the Hudson River in New York, for the young ladies of good family”, and a life of sophistication in the city of New York. Latigo love with patience, and when he and pitcher of Barton in a dispute aside, Ames Swifty send a telegram informing him of the situation.

Swifty comes to town and immediately challenge the unfortunate Jug a shootout; but the time and place are Latigo it instead of the pitcher, sitting on a donkey loaded with boxes of dynamite in an attempt to trick shooter. Swifty bluff called Latigo; but draws his gun, a special mass terror explosion mining, and pulls in the foot. The explosion panic also donkey, arriving in the living room in Barton’s “edge Latigo, blowing apart building; but the explosion discovered the vein, which is conveniently located underground in Barton. Hell, that is problematic accidentally burn Latigo tattoo while miraculously unharmed.Latigo finally win at roulette, bet $ 10,000 Barton’s money. Whipping and patience, now both rich beyond your wildest dreams, is married. Jug said the results of the back of a train with the happy couple on the East Coast: Patience not go to Miss Hunter College, but sends seven daughters there; Swifty still trying to get off the boat; and the ship is a big star in spaghetti westerns. So Download Support Your Local Gunfighter Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.