Submergence Full Movie


Original Name: Submergence

Genre: Drama, Romance, War

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.4


Release Date: 2017


Download Submergence full movie and it is 2017 Hollywood Comedy film directed by Wim Wenders. War Machine is not for everyone! This is a loud author’s statement. This film is not bad, it’s true! This is another vision of war! Empty talk and absurd dreams of victory. Who will like to see the hard truth about yourself? Only not America is the winner !. That’s why critics started throwing tomatoes at Brad Pitt, thereby demonstrating how they defend the honor of their country, and do not give the truthful films a chance. This is a loud guide, although I have many claims to Michaud about this technique.

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Some will say that Brad Pitt played horribly, a cartoon, etc. But you are so wrong, he never had such a role. He played well, Brad was everywhere together, and in satire And in black comedy and drama He’s everywhere Reincarnated, Because he himself was not sure which genre this film belongs to. General Pitt is something new, the ubiquitous nature of the game … All the other actors were also good, especially want to mention the role of women (beautiful) War Machine – this is not a failure, it’s the way to something new! Michaud and Pitt made a very brave movie because of this and suffered, unfortunately. The one who wanted this and heard the messages that were directed by the director and actors to ordinary people and not only. Often Brad Pitt movies outperform Their time. And War Machine is one of them. In the world, in cinema and politics, the sharp turn moves that huge changes and Brad Pitt are part of this mechanism. All my faith in this film. Required for viewing.