Star Trek: Generations Full Movie

Star Trek: Generations

Original Name: Star Trek: Generations

Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery

Language: English, Klingon

IMDB Rating: 6.6


Release Date: 18 November 1994


Download Star Trek: Generations Full Movie and it is 1994 Hollywood action, adventure and mystery film directed by David Carson. Year 2371, Enterprise Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) is a transmission that his brother Robert and his cousin René died in a fire in his vineyard, fill it with regret that his family line will end with him.

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Meanwhile, the crew of the USS Enterprise-D receives a distress call from an observatory work Amargosa star. They think that all but Tolian Dr. Soran (Malcolm McDowell), killed by the Romulans.

Android Data (Brent Spiner), recently a chip that allows you to experience the thrill and engineer Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton) has discovered a substance called trilithium in a hidden area of the observatory. Appears Soran, beats La Forge unconscious and maintaining a given now terrified of the bay, is launching a probe trilithium solar Amargosa. The probe ensures that the imploding star, sending a shock wave to the observatory.

Soran and La Forge retrieved from a bird of prey belonging to the Klingon Duras sisters traitor (March and Gwynyth Barbara Walsh), who Romulan trilithium of Soran had been stolen. Data just before the train is destroyed by the shock wave is saved. Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg uncredited), the bartender Enterprise, Picard says more about Soran: He and she belonged to El Aurians saved by the Enterprise-B of the 2293rd

Guinan explains that Soran is obsessed with returning the “Nexus”, the place where the band is the energy that ships refugees from El artefacts had wrapped and briefly vulnerable residents radiated by their nature, some were from Enterprise B. Nexus, Guinan explains, is a extradimensional world that those who come to his past, when and how they want to live, to make happiness without end.

Guinan has learned, over time, to receive more than the Nexus, but warns that Soran, mad with desire for ecstasy Nexus, is “very, very dangerous.” Picard and Data determine that Soran, flying boat on the band due to the uncertainty that the ship will be enough to ensure success time instead change the tape path survive the destruction of the stars, and will again try Nexus on Veridian III destroys their sun and, by extension, a highly populated planet in the system.

Into the Veridian system, Enterprise, please contact raptor. Picard offered to the Duras sisters in exchange for La Forge, but insists first transported to the site of Soran. Smithy returned to the company, but his songs are scheduled to Soran to send a video signal to the Klingons. When La Forge back to technology, the Duras sisters are able to determine the frequency of Arms Company and direct attack. Company destroys raptor, but allows crit: a warp core breach is imminent and unstoppable.

Commander William T. Riker (Jonathan Frakes) to order an evacuation of the saucer section of the ship and is separated from the unit in the star, but the shock of the destruction of the drive plate star gets out of control, landing in Veridian III. Picard, meanwhile, Soran not talk about his “horrible plane” is a hole in the shield around the installation of Soran, but it’s too late to stop him from launching his missiles.

The collapse of the star Veridian alter the course of the Nexus ribbon as expected, and sweep away both Picard and Soran. The star shockwave knew everything on the system. In Nexus, Picard is surrounded by the most experienced failure, a “family he never had,” including his wife (Kim Braden), children, and his nephew died in real life. So Download Star Trek: Generations Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.