Species Full Movie


Original Name: Species

Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.8


Release Date: 7 July 1995


Download Species Full Movie and it is 1995 Hollywood action, horror and sci-Fi film directed by Roger Donaldson. During the SETI program, geologists sent transmissions (shown Arecibo message) with information about the Earth and its inhabitants, the structure of DNA, etc. with the hope of finding life beyond Earth.

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After receiving signals from a source foreign to the creation of an effort infinite fuel. Therefore, its researchers assume that this is a kind of friendly strangers. A second consignment of foreign researchers get information about a foreign DNA, along with instructions on how spliced with human DNA.

A government led by Xavier Fitch (Ben Kingsley) is moving forward with genetic experiments attempt to arouse a woman, a woman would have features “more docile and controllable.” One of hundreds of eggs experimental produce a girl named Sil, which looks like a normal person, but it’s a 12 year old in three months.

Sil’s outbreak of violence during sleep researchers consider a threat. They try to kill with cyanide gas, but he escaped from his holding cell and escapes. The government collects a team of anthropologist Dr. Stephen Arden (Alfred Molina), a molecular biologist Dr. Laura Baker (Marg Helgenberger), empathetic Dan Smithson (Forest Whitaker) and mercenary Preston “Press” Lennox (Michael Madsen) to track equipment and destroy Sil.

SIL has quickly become an adult (Natasha Henstridge) and meanders to Los Angeles. This makes tracking your extremely difficult. They are incredibly strong and smart, with incredible regenerative powers. Scientists fear that can mate with human males and produce offspring that the human race could eliminate. Sil has no inhibitions when it comes to killing people who are in his way and want to have children as soon as possible. Often it is strange, a bipedal creature with tentacles on the shoulders and back.

Sil first attempt to mate with a man she met at a nightclub, but after finding that diabetes, refuses. Displeased, then try to start the power of sex, drives her to kill him to pierce the skull with the language. Then try to connect with a man she met after a car accident. Swimming in the pool where the man Sil forces man to open the swimsuit to mate, but the man refuses.

This is interrupted by the press and Laura. It kills the man and fly naked in a forest without being seen by the team. Stands as a rape victim, and then proceeds to kidnap a woman. She fakes her death to the woman in a car accident transformer high voltage during a high speed chase. After cutting and coloring hair, take an attraction Press. Arden, who is angry for not having found a woman goes inside to find her room Sil there waiting. Have relationships with Arden; then kills him when he realizes what it is.

The rest of the team and follows her into the sewer, where he was later killed Fitch. The area in which Sil and their descendants are destroyed. Press uses a grenade launcher Sil, blowing his head. The trio leave the area. The last scene shows a mouse in a chewable tentacles severed Sil; begins to mutate into a wild beast, and is another rat. So Download Species Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.