Soldado Full Movie


Original Name: Soldado

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.4

Country: ,

Release Date: 2017


Download Soldado full movie and it is 2017 Hollywood Action film directed by Stefano Sollima. a writer who has lost her passion in writing was tasked to write an article about the civil war. a reader’s respond set her on a journey to solve a mystery, a Hero in fact. The quest to seek truth was really intriguing. What was going in the soldier’s head when he spared his enemy – nothing. It was nothing. The plot is simple. but the screenplay was wonderful & the dialogues were touching. I like how the film is able to bring me away, set me into tears in the end, the whole experience still lingering in my head on my journey home. love it.

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Ignorance stretches its boundaries in every possible area. Even in History. People, especially today’s people, have no sense of history. In our limited breadth of knowledge on wars – excluding the World Wars and one’s country’s civil war do we find ourselves lacking information. I had never heard anyone mention the Spanish Civil War, and apart from knowing who Generalissimo Francisco Franco was (Spain’s ultra-right dictator and head of state until his death in 1975), I was pretty much left in the dark in said matter.

In a very foretelling manner, Soldados de Salamina takes us on a journey to re-discover the spanish civil war through one sole veridic event that took place in a Spanish forest, where the left-wing Republicans executed a group of high-ranking Francoist loyalists. Narrowly escaping the mass execution, Rafael Sanchez Mazas – a Spanish writer and an important leader in the then ousted Spanish Falange movement – hid deeper into the forest. A republican soldier, a mystery named Miralles, found him, but let him live. While intently aiming his rifle at the enemy, the soldier and the crouching Sanchez Mazas stared blankly at each other.