Soft in the Head Full Movie

Soft in the Head

Original Name: Soft in the Head

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.0


Release Date: 10 April 2013


Download Soft in the Head Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Comedy and Drama film of 2013 which is directed by Nathan Silver. “Soft in the head” Nathan Silver opens in medias res, as Natalia tells violent boyfriend who has a holiday dinner with the family of his friend Hannah. When this scene is explosions, Mr. Plata short disorientingly headings, rather than an orthodox jew candle lighting ceremony. A sense of worlds collide crucial to the film. During dinner, Anna reminded why volatility Natalia is someone’s idea of ​​a gracious host. We followed, taking refuge in a fund managed by the wise, patient Maury hostels.

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Nathan silver, a silver filmmaker.Nathan Brooklyn gives his actors Room For most of the species of the gritty streets of New York rarely seen in the screen already Natalia, an alcoholic film bounces between the two homes, drinking, acting cruelly flirting with her brother, who has atrophied socially. Divided into chapters, “soft in the head” build a little “moralistic a final in which the protagonist is confronted with selfishness, self-destruction.

Making ‘soft in the head, “his third feature, quoted Mr. Silver Dostoyevsky” The Idiot “as a source of inspiration, even improvise a particular job, ultra staff where it is difficult to predict what will be produced. From one point of dramatic, the film can not be convincing. Some dialog half muttered John Cassavetes beautiful in its most indulgent; The performance of Mrs. Etxeberria is both ugly and annoying way courage.

From a formal point of view, but the film makes an impression, maintaining a sense of fear for tight shots and voiceovers and sound design that promotes constant noise. The last feature of Nathan Plata, Exit Elena won comparisons Director, based in Brooklyn to John Cassavetes, with whom he shared an almost perverse pleasure of domesticity in its most volatile. Yet war is sometimes caused his entire family from discomfort, Elena, but it’s still a really good heart movie, exudes warmth and sweetness even hostility threatened to strike. Not so soft in the head.

Last Plata coagulates the sweetness of its predecessor, the heat burned, the result of a holder of a violent sensitivity. Silver is attracted to Cassavetes, apparently, and the influence of other rebellious Hollywood: Samuel Fuller, whose characteristic riff on whore with a heart of gold, The Naked Kiss, appointment silver opening scene hair pulling her head.

This change in temperament shows significant maturity. Wig heroine in this case, Natalia presented drunk and molested and rarely glimpsed, for more than 72 minutes in another state. Forte led by New York apartment one night with her boyfriend in a fit of tears and anger, Natalia leaves no money in a cocktail dress, happily interrupted before Shabbat dinner quieter by a friend. So Download Soft in the Head Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mac.