Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937 Full Movie

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937

Original Name: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937

Genre: Animation, Family, Fantasy

Language: English, Arabic

IMDB Rating: 7.7


Release Date: 10 January 1938

Director: ,

Download Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937 Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Animation and Family film, directed by William Cottrell and David Hand. Say White and the Seven Dwarfs, belonging to real artistic achievements of this country does not have much value. In fact, outside Chaplin, Disney’s Hollywood is the only name that every doctor corn arts and culture dare call without fear of losing face or feel the other side of having too much about it. This is said to be Disney, but enjoyed by all ages, but is licensed and simplify tell stories to children who granted his chosen medium to start. It has been called “the madness of Disney.” Who the hell would want to sit still for 90 minutes to watch a cartoon? Why a banal story of the Brothers Grimm every schoolboy knows how to choose? But Walt Disney seemed to thrive on projects smaller one would have been printed as “stupid” or “impossible”. The investment in three years, $ 1.5 million, and the combined talents 570 artists in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Disney has produced a film that has been recognized not only a classic from the beginning, but also won 8, $ 5,000,000 for the period Depression in the gross rent.

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It is not easy to do fun things for the kids, but the most complex area of ??adult relationships are very serious in their demands. White is a fairy tale, certainly the most lively and happy and love in the world; done in color, photographed at different levels to add depth and drive about one and a half hours. Some of the stories have a riot, some have even been more tender. But this is a persistent fantasy, lifted caricature. The Fairy Princess is exactly what it is; Witch is a perfect tone for Lionel Barrymore (no coincidence, I suppose); and the Seven Dwarfs is ideally humanized with roughly the same technology, but each one is a species composition, it is not recognized. The animals are obviously so uncomfortable studied and implemented as they always have been.

Artists and animators at Disney is practical zoological, closer to real animals as someone endowed with human traits have the benefit of the fable. Take the young deer in the small stage where life in the forest meets for the first time around White: shy but smelled ahead, as she begins to caress his head down, ears back, reducing the body and tensed, ready to dear thereof; Calm, body and head come and drive the transferred half a dozen artful hand movements common cat.

Or take the road (later) the same deer moves uncomfortable and unstable in their long legs in animals crush is running as it should be, but right now is graceful in flight, in the presence as a flash. Disney has animals that reproduce for comedy, as the tortoise here, lusty vultures, bird whose musical attempts have an alternative source of pride and shame their parents (in a final, it will be up to eight inches right to increase from Tip); but even in these cases, the exaggeration based on the typical shape and property.

The story is familiar in its simple imagination. The castle, with its black arts stepmother, Snow White escape the forest and keep house for young men; Witch searching for it with the girl’s death in life; Finally, the young prince who break the spell. But all the Disney Fantasy starts with a simple frame of the story: the main part of the thing is incident. And those events based on a solid foundation in the reality of everyday life, serving superb (dwarfs, witches, Alchemy) constant or fill in the facts or matter-of-awesome in itself through a seemingly logical development of normal form and function.

So the fairy dwarfs in their diamond mine and at home, minding his own business in a very natural way, excavation, evaluation, classification, leaving dirty dishes and bedtime. And for birds and animals, invasion of empty houses with jerky shy suitable for them as real birds and animals, attack help the girl clean with very little natural abilities (the tail of the squirrel brush bottle, other queues for brooms and dusters, clear the cobwebs birds, flying leaves).

There has never been anything in the theater quite like Walt Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” seven functions cartoon in Technicolor an entertainment takes place absorbingly interesting and sometimes exciting. So perfect is an illusion, so tender romance and fantasy, so emotional parts when the actions of the characters are similar to human players sincerity depth, the film is about the true greatness. It is an inspired and inspiring work, the commercial success of which marked especially strong statements of overseas due to mechanical ease with which all languages ??can be synchronized with the action.

More than two years, $ 1 million is needed by personnel Disney, directed by David Hand, to complete the film. In a preface makes a compliment neat Disney animators, designers and composers whose combined efforts have produced a work of art. No less than 62 names of the employees are sealed in the credits as the heads of the various divisions of labor. The best compliment I go to Disney himself lead all efforts to collect a special design that bears the mark of a creative imagination.

The superlative skill Disney, who often showed in earlier short cartoons as “The Three Little Pigs,” the tortoise and the hare “,” Country Cousin “and the unstoppable Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck is an indication As the” Show White. “The Lord is not a short film. It says an hour and 20 minutes from the beautiful story of a plan and the new pattern on the screen.

While a marvel of skill of its producers, “Snow White” no later mental wanderings during its decommissioning. The opening shows the cover of the book of fairy tales. Sides to jump to the story of the little princess fleeing jealous queen stepmother. Then, to move the guide of charming music and appropriate sound effects, the figures drawn from the story through his adventures with realism, which is enhanced by the visual poetry. Bypass the first temptation to transform the heroine of snow in some sort of Betty Boop Lookalike chubby or very ZaSu Pitts, Disney employees wisely made the radical difference between “fun” “straight” and the story characters. So Snow White and Prince Charming moved and drawn in a realistic way, while the seven dwarfs have been merged into a laughable form rounded Disney short film. How important parts of the story can be promoted intervene adult credible enough while comedian and music by dwarves always enough to keep the children happy bad. It is a tribute to the genius of the Disney formula that was dramatic and comedic elements strong enough to meet both demographic.

Like any showman, Disney knew the value of a real horror to keep the public interest: why is the evil queen, whose jealous of Snow White’s beauty justifies the story, a very fearsome creature before she turns into an old witch. Best of all, Snow White Click on the three areas where Disney has always demonstrated superiority over its competitors: the story fixed values (random order which threatened to delay the plot was ruthlessly discarded, regardless of how much time and money has been used), direct characterizations registered (the had been so easy to go all the dwarfs must speak and act in the same way: Happy Disney has not chosen the moment the songs “easy”), and memorable (Frank Churchill, Leigh Harline, Paul J. Smith and all music.

Department study has been nominated for an Oscar for such a standard-to-be as “Whistle While You Work” and “Some Day My Prince Will Come”). Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first full-length animated film in the world and the first in the Disney animated Canon. E ‘was also the first in English, the first in Technicolor, and the first ever built in the United States. It was produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Productions, released December 21, 1937, and was originally released for sale by RKO Radio Pictures , 8 February 1938. The film is an adaptation of the story by the Brothers Grimm, an evil queen tries to have her stepdaughter Snow White killed by what can only be selected on earth, but she escapes and is absorbed by the seven dwarfs in his cabin in the woods.

In general, it is assumed that the main result of Walt Disney, his first animated film. White was the first major animated film made in the United States, the most successful film released in 1938, adjusted for inflation, is the tenth most successful films of all time. This historic moment in the history of cinema has changed the means of entertainment. For 1937, there was no such thing as an animated film. The only animated film was then short cartoons.

in live action, is the scenario: the Evil Queen, which provides only because it is the most beautiful of all, is jealous of the beauty of her stepdaughter Snow White. Dress up the princess in rags and forces her to become a broom in his castle (but Unbeknowst her, gives her stepdaughter knowledge of cooking and cleaning). Every morning, he consults her magical mirror, asking the Spirit, who is the fairest of them all.

The magic mirror tells her she is the most beautiful, and she’s happy for a while. ” Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first animated feature in the Disney animated canon; the first animated film in Technicolor. E ‘was created and produced by Walt Disney Productions, was released on 21nd December 1937, and was originally released to theaters by RKO Radio Pictures on February 8, 1938. Based on the fairy tale Snow White by the Brothers Grimm, the film’s plot an attempt jealous and wicked Queen of murdering his stepdaughter, but she escapes and is absorbed by the seven dwarfs who live in the depths of a forest.

White was the first major animated film made in the United States, the most successful film released in 1937, adjusted for inflation, is the tenth most successful films of all time. Walt Disney had to fight to get the film produced. Both his brother Roy O. Disney and his wife Lillian tried to convince me otherwise, and the Hollywood film industry, who derisively called the film as “Disney’s Folly”, while in production. I also had to help his home mortgage to finance the production of the film, which ultimately has a total of just over $ 1.5 million, a huge sum for a film in 1937 negative costs. So Download Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937 Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.