Saving Private Perez Full Movie

Saving Private Perez

Original Name: Salvando al Soldado Pérez

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Western

Language: Spanish

IMDB Rating: 6.0


Release Date: 2 September 2011


Download Saving Private Perez full movie and it is 2011 Hollywood Western film directed by Beto Gómez. After reaching story addresses move quickly to a woman, Sophie (Gianna Jun) does not go after a bicycle accident to a friend, Nina (Li Bing Bing). Nina, who is about to go to New York (the Bank), and the Director of races to the hospital, where Sofia coma bandages. Nina begins to rumble in Sophie’s life, trying to understand what happened to them sour relations and her best friend. (This is when Mr. Jackman up.) Again in the 19th century, Lily (played by Ms. Lee) and Snow Flower (Ms. June) married, have children, and the exchange of glances cry sad, but to share the love the lady saw it portrays Battle breathing heavy line naked. The Original name of this movie is Salvando al Soldado Pérez.

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The transition between moods and tones, and, to some extent, visual styles (sometimes with a plan for a digital camera, and the 19th century and one of the scenarios of modern touches), while switching between windows and relationships of time, Wang never find a trace. The most interesting part of the story is Lily and Snow Flower obligations of certain laotong, or “old same” (an old friend), a relationship that allows them to have been deprived neighborhood in difficult marriages, even brutal.

The couple intends fans write in nushu (women’s writing), which is a real language song, sung and written by the division of the generations of women in the world, especially. That’s a great question, and that is still unstable likeable, charming Ms. Lee and Ms. Jun real movie. Although the lives of the two groups of women is at stake, this attempt parallelism than ever, despite the constant oscillation between them. It is not surprising. The use of high heels can be painful, such as a picture of Miss talking to kick some offers.

However, it is ridiculous to suggest that because this film is that there is a near real similarities between Lily and Snow Flower – and stumble because of the violence and marriage, and all the animals rights for slaughter – and their counterparts from modern design that creates (invented for the film). Filmmakers Are you serious? There are plenty of decent moments in “Snow Flower”, which can sometimes be seen in the middle of the Battle of the rest of the best video transitions between past and present, but this time I will never talk to each other, not to mention you.

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