Safe House 2 Full Movie

Safe House 2

Original Name: Safe House 2

Genre: Action, Crime, Mystery

Language: English, Afrikaans, Spanish

IMDB Rating: 7.1

Country: ,

Release Date: 2016


Download Safe House 2 Full Movie and it is 2016 Hollywood action, crime and mystery film directed by Daniel Espinosa. 54% on Rotten Tomatoes, it seems that public opinion in the last action thriller Safe House Denzel Washington is decidedly mixed (read our review). But the film certainly enhanced by bright picture of Washington and co-star Ryan Reynolds has managed to curb the $ 202 million worldwide with a production budget of $ 85 million. So, of course, here comes the sequel.

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According to reports, David Guggenheim (who wrote the hideout) signed a letter for the sequel Untitled. Directed by Daniel Espinosa, follows the original film CIA agent Matt Weston (Reynolds), who is assigned to protect a rogue agent (Washington) in the solitude of a safe house in South Africa. At this point, neither Washington or Reynolds confirmed to return for the sequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Given how the first film left off, no one knows how large a role the character of Washington in the script, but the star power of actor involves the study is interested in participating.

Both actors juggling busy schedules, with several projects in various stages of development. Washington which can be seen next to Robert Zemeckis flight joins Equalizer (an adaptation of the TV series 1980) and is considering a role in the thriller Candy Store, Stephen Gaghan, possibly with Brad Pitt. Meanwhile, Reynolds starring comic adaptation RIPD next year and still called for the role of Green Lantern Justice League movie shooting. In any case, it seems Safe House sequel crushed by Universal, the study of the distribution of the film especially if they block down Washington for a look. Otherwise, the Reynolds could be used to protect other high-profile actor because his mere presence at that time is not exactly a reliable box-office draw.

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Universal has seen a lot of misfires and nearly successes this year, including “Battleship” and “Snow White and the Huntsman”, which has not had a good summer (although “Ted” managed to save a little “), while the image of autumn ’47 Ronin “contests in 2013. But studies are all franchise these days, and one of the few films that has worked for them in 2012 was” Safe House “. Big surprise, they want a sequel. “Safe House” made over $ 125 million domestically and over $ 200 million worldwide, which with a budget of $ 85 million € making it very profitable when the optional rolled into the mix. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that screenwriter David Guggenheim (who wrote the first movie), was chosen to write a sequel, starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington were approached to appear in the sequel, with more likely Reynolds then back to Washington for a variety of reasons.

Although the film turned a profit, some of which were likely to see until February release date of the film, and the lack of competition. The film is pretty forgettable, and apart from the view of the character of Washington’s submarine, there’s a lot of pictures of action or memorable characters. If the second film revolves around the Reynolds gets another prisoner in a safe house, we recommend titled “Safe House, too.” SafeHouse earned $ 200 million worldwide after its release in February. It surprised me, but it is on me, because the natural result of an action movie with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds is $ 200 million. And the natural result of 200 million dollars is Safehouse 2. According to Heat Vision, Universal assignments Safe House writer David Guggenheim writes that after the winter success. Neither Washington or Reynolds has signed on for another film, Heat Vision and they did not recognize their sources or the Guggenheim write a prequel or a sequel.

I saw Safe House (my ignorance SafeHouse’s getting embarrassing, and all), so I made a mess: rogue CIA agent dies, Washington. But universal naturally want Washington to return in some way, hence century prequel. The more traditional option would be young Agent Reynolds responsible for United Belgian remain safe house in a new adventure holder. Fans Safe House: What would you rather see? Scott Stuber is back on board as producer, but nothing about a possible change of director Daniel Espinosa Safe House has done. Safe House is a script that Guggenheim was an editor at Us Weekly that the full-time writer. Scenarios for stolen, Narco Sub, 364, and Puzzle Palace is in various stages of development. The busy man also received its first contract for a book in 2012.

Weston takes place in the US Embassy to visit debriefing closer. Instead, he meets Ana and reveals that he is a CIA agent. He tells her to go back to Paris for their safety. Weston frost monitor a slum in Langa, where the prince meets Carlos Villar (Ruben Blades), an old contact and document forgers. Vargas strikes again, killing Villar and his wife, but the ice and his men worked around by using Weston. Weston discovers that Vargas actually works for the CIA, who are trying to restore storage frosts received from Wade. The unit is the Israeli intelligence revealed contains information about corrupt officials and remittances secret CIA, the British MI6 and other intelligence; Weston recognize the reference to the Mossad and the CIA accused of selling secrets they freeze before a rogue agent. Weston their superiors may be involved. Frost is taken to new safe house for Weston, Weston, where he is attacked by the housekeeper, Keller (Joel Kinnaman).

After much struggle, kill Weston Keller but seriously wounded in battle. Frost delayed Weston faint of wounds received fighting Keller. Meanwhile, Linklater arrived in South Africa to collect frost Barlow and Weston in hiding, but the path beaten by Barlow, go to a safe house and reveals that he is the head of Vargas. It is confirmed that the file contains incriminating evidence against him and encourages Weston what happened to lie. Frost return to save Weston kill Vargas and his men, but caused by Barlow. Weston Shoot Barlow in the chest and killed him. Frost gives the file Weston says it’s better than him before he died of his injuries.

Back in the United States, Weston met with CIA Deputy Director Harlan Whitford (Sam Shepard), who reported that Weston flattering facts about the CIA must be removed from the report, but it is encouraged. Weston asked about the location of the file, but denies Weston led by Frost informed. Whitford says to have these files will have many enemies. Weston leave when the loss of the media, accusing staff for many intelligence services, including Whitford. Later Weston Ana overlooking a street in Paris, France. It said in a note sent to her from him, looks Weston, and both make eye contact and smile face Weston-on. So Download Safe House 2 Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.