Rush Hour 4 Full Movie

Rush Hour 4

Original Name: Rush Hour 4

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.8


Release Date: 2016


Download Rush Hour 4 Full Movie and it is 2016 Hollywood action, comedy, crime and thriller film directed by Brett Ratner. The six years between Rush Hour 2:03 weakened the box office for the second (world GDP was reduced from $ 347 to 258 million $) and its general critical consensus Rush Hour 3 as a sequel to the international franchise friend -cop. Staple Series Chris Tucker comes from semi-retirement in the fall with You make me crazy !, And it seems as if the property Rush Hour is back in the game for his co-star Jackie Chan action hero hangs his hat.

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Read on to find out what the producer Arthur Sarkissian franchise (CBS ‘Vegas) has in mind for Rush Hour 4 with Tucker, who reprises his role largemouth American police (Carter) who is Chinese disciplined martial medical / official Chan (Lee). “I try to make so close, so I did what Rush Hour 1, more down to earth, braver, introduces two new characters and make it happen so it was the first. I personally was not satisfied with the third. I thought 1 and 2 was very good. I think three have their hands a bit. “it is not a matter of simply taking a different part of it, or a sequel that by placing them in another city and discuss them. I want to do. I want something new. “director Brett Ratner’s Rush Hour franchise is not what you call a fan favorite (more like a glorified bag boxing) and Sarkissian does not seem so enthusiastic about his return for a fourth part or say” If he wants to do, he is more than welcome to do so, but must do it right. “This would be the following:

“One of the things that surprised me and impressed me was how they did Fast Five. They followed the characters, they took and put them in a completely different world. They put them in the film world and theft did not work. I think it was brilliant [because] if you are not careful, what happens is that you just have to keep repeating. not much you can do. “Sarkissian has a vision of how explicit Rush Hour 4 could remain Fast Five does not offer and rejuvenate the franchise over Flogging a generalization about the importance of “creativity and energy and good thought and a little ‘hard work. “It is also interesting to note that F5 came on the heels of Fast & Furious, revived series of high emotion after performing Tokyo Drift.

Rush Hour 4, comparison, perhaps not so far off the beaten track if you want to convince the fans determined in advance that the film is a continuation of what they thought of previous deliveries. Sarkissian agree with this idea, says. “Not at all, because you are the characters, which will be the two of them to be in a world that is not only struggling with the others. It will” continue informed on Rush Hour 4 and the story unfolds. You may remember back in 2012 Sylvester Stallone has confirmed that international action superstar Jackie Chan starred in The Expendables third, if we look at the printing of posters and trailers, you will notice that Chan is not in the movie, and not a surprise cameo of both. So what happened? Well, Stallone said recently at a press conference the plan did not work. Stallone said: “It is so popular in China, are in such demand that literally can not cut three days I will next time, though, is a good friend ..” And that means that The Expendables 4 in the making.

In fact, Jackie Chan confirmed much to say in an interview with The Geek:

“This morning I heard – office called – Sly [Stallone] want” Expendables 4. “I said,” Okay, “Since I already asked in two and three, but I refused .. Well, I would not refuse, but I said , ‘Sly, we can not guarantee that you and I? not just a group of people and I’m only five minutes. “Why then the audience,” Oh! “then I left.” How the Expendables 4 will have a strategy with a smaller group less people? If so, should Stallone and Chan only form a team of their action thriller. But there are rumors that Stallone wants everyone has the opportunity to be seen in the franchise to date was the fourth film together. so maybe invite a “last trip” we have seen in the Expendables 3 trailer is almost the current action star team? it would make sense if the plan is to introduce a new law in the fourth movie. But it is unlikely to do much, so stay tuned for to see what happens. Though not considered to be the only sequel to Jackie Chan. apparently, there was still trying to try to get the team with Chan Chris Tucker Rush Hour 4. It is not the first time we heard about the possibility of reducing the imbalances team for another sequel of action and comedy New Line Cinema as a producer Arthur Sarkissian has talked about the possibility of this happening more than two years ago. However, Jackie Chan is not so eager to get on board, and only do it if the script is concerned. In fact, his attitude about the movie smart and refreshing. Chan told IGN: “On the latter as” Rush Hour 4 ‘I did not say, “No, leave me the script first. No need for another” tip 4. Time’ ‘Rush Hour 4’ is required. Show me the script. “I do not want to make a script of junk just because they want to do the movie.” Interestingly Chan working on a film at the time that he thought would work as a continuation of the striker. Slash Film notes that during the winter of 2012, says Chan develop his film Skip Trace can be assessed in Rush Hour 4 and Chris Tucker were actually expected to participate in the film. At that time, Chan said: “The script is currently being investigated by Chris Tucker Personally, I think if it would take would be better if we become Rush Hour 4, but I think the three films of the franchise is a perfect ending would be better. . to start a new movie friends with someone new. ”

And that is exactly what Chan ended up doing. Walking trails will be directed by Die Hard 2 Renny Harlin Helmer and Seann William Scott will co-star in the film about an American player (Scott) who is forced to work with a detective from Hong Kong (Chan) is not Chinese fighting notorious criminal. . it seems appropriate that this movie was almost Rush Hour 4 then regret that the film with Chan and Scott heard the door when it was supposed to be done in the late 90’s, when the race was much more relevant. In any case, we just have to wait and see if Jackie Chan finally make one of these effects. Thoughts? According to the legendary action hero, who was approached by three potential sequels: “Expendables 4,” “Rush Hour 4” and “Drunken Master 3.” “Sly (Stallone) wants to” Expendables 4, ” he told The Geek earlier this week, “I said.” Okay, “Because I already asked in two and three, but I refused Well, I did not refuse, but I said ..? “Sly, we can not guarantee that you and I are not just a bunch of people and I went out for only five minutes. “” It seems that Chan has test for a larger role or an anti- “Expendables pic” with only two action star. This is probably the best way “Expendables 3” flopped at the box office on Friday, when his worst franchise debut. The photo is also set to the series grossing opening lower.

“So if you are in ‘Expendables 4:” I and I want to, “he said. “So it could be interesting. Otherwise just walk five minutes.” Chan also said he was waiting for the right before agreeing to return to the “Rush Hour” and “Drunken Master Franchise.” Speaking about the possibility of “Drunken Master 3” said he, in principle, all shot in 2010 started “the Karate Kid,” he will not settle for a “junk script” in “Rush Hour” 4. “I think that after closing the” Drunken Master 2 “, better than we do nothing, “he told the audience this week for a Q & A in London to promote his movie” Zodiac” If we do not have a better script recently desired.. do “Rush Hour 4.” I said, “No, let me script first. No need for another “tip 4. Time” required “Rush Hour 4.” Show me the script. “I do not want to make a script of junk just because they want to do the movie.” Costar Chris Tucker said two years ago that he and Chan was “studying” a fourth installment. ‘”Tip four hours,” we look at it, Jackie and I [Chan], “said Tucker.” we are trying to develop something so we started.” So Download Rush Hour 4 Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.