Running Man 2015 Full Movie

Running Man 2015

Original Name: Benpao Ba! Xiongdi

Genre: Action, Comedy, Documentary

Language: Mandarin

IMDB Rating: 2.5


Release Date: 30 January 2015


Download Running Man 2015 Full Movie and it is Chinese Comedy film directed by Junyi Ceng. “The Running Man” is an arcade game for the big screen, where the player is a competition Arnold Schwarzenegger and the game continues to throw big bully him. To start this film, called reserves Hollywood heavyweights. There are thugs known as the Fireball, Captain Freedom, Dynamo, Buzzsaw and Subzero, all thrown Arnold as new episodes of a comic book superhero, funny, and true justice, die every evil by his own weapon.

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The actors look as a basis for action heroes and professional wrestler Jim Brown, Jesse Ventura, Erland From Lidth, Professor Toru Tanaka. One by one, go into battle and destroyed. This formula would get old fast if it was not for a trick to keep together, and the film has just the trick, in the form of a TV deadly futuristic representation called “The Running Man”, hosted by veteran television game show host Richard Dawson. Play finally the role he was born to play.

Time is the next century. America is a totalitarian society. Schwarzenegger is an agent flying his combat helicopter and ordered to fire on civilians eating disorders. Refusing to fire on innocent civilians, who unwittingly, detained, accused of false accusations and assigned a penal colony. Meanwhile, life goes on in society, stunned by a steady diet of news buildings. Then one day and a couple of friends in Arnold escape from TV images and penal colony of his escape attention Dawson, top superstars TV.

Program Evaluations are apparently quite high. But Dawson wants even higher, and when he sees Schwarzenegger making a career field is broken by what inept guards decided that Schwarzenegger is the perfect program, consisting of the criminals who have the possibility of parole guest who may killers armed to the teeth guest stars on the show that beat. This film is the end of the introduction. All I have forgotten the girl. All films of this type have a girl whose function is to be helpless thrown behind the hero as he tries to escape. Maria Conchita Alonso for the role, the filmmakers got more than expected; making it one of joy fearless Hollywood, still a good series of cartoons for Schwarzenegger.

The problem with the film is that all the action scenes are versions of the same scene. Dawson TV presenter introduces a murderess and his weapons trademarks and Schwarzenegger confronts him since the battle. The only part of the film, which is not standard and having a bit of energy is the TV program itself, with Dawson as a sleazebag guest selfish.

Playing a character who always seems quarter drunken parties seem Dawson chain smoking his way through the planning, backstage and then before the cameras as a cauldron of false cheer. Working the crowd, milking laughter and tears, it is not really very different from most authentic game show host – who lack film joke.In 2017 after an economic collapse in the world has the American society has become a state police totalitarian censor any cultural activity. Government peaceful people transmission festival shows where convicted criminals are fighting for their lives, including Gladiator The Running Man, organized by the ruthless Damon Killian, where “corridors” escape attempt “bully” and a dead almost any likely to forgive.

In 2019 Ben Richards, a pilot police unjustly convicted of a massacre, escaped from a labor camp and took refuge at his brother’s house. He is now occupied by Amber Mendez, composer ICS, the network that transmits the power of man. Richards asked Mendez about the fate of her brother, and she says she was taken for “re-education”, perhaps a reference to his destination.

Amber hostage taking, trying Richards to flee to Hawaii, but the alert airport security and Richards caught and ICS. There’s Killian is trying to persuade you to participate in The Running Man, saying that if he refuses, William Laughlin and Harold Weiss, members of a resistance movement who knew Richards, will be forced to take part in place. Reluctantly, Richard agrees, but thinks that Killian Laughlin and Weiss was registered as a broker anyway.

When you start the game, Richards and his friends attacked by the first stalker, “Subzero” but defended Subzero dead Richards – the first time that a stalker death somewhere in the show. Search Laughlin and Weiss uplink services network, they realize that they are in the game. Amber looks a false history to catch Richards and suspect the truth in the media, do some research. Learn the truth was sentenced for the murder of Richard, but is caught and the court.

Runners were separated, each pair chased by a stalker another. “Buzzsaw” Laughlin seriously injured and killed by Richards. Weiss and Amber find the uplink and learn the codes, but “Dynamo” Weiss finds and electric current. The screams from Amber Richards lead, and the two Dodge Dynamo shot molester buggy, take it inside. Refuses to kill a helpless man, Richards left the Dynamo live and see the studio audience and home. He and Amber Laughlin once again that, before dying, said resistor is hidden in the area.

Back to ICS, see Killian Richards growing popularity of spectators bet on him to win instead of pursuers. Camera is Killian Richards tries to offer a job as a stalker, but Richard refuses Killian send the bully, “Fireball”, after he and Amber. Fireball engaged in an abandoned factory, where Amber was found that the previous “winner” of the game actually killed, without actually recovered in the first place. Fireball, for amber, but Richards rescues her and kills him.

Frustrated and options, Killian Richards finds the death and Amber in the hands of “Captain Freedom”, a stalker retired who refused to go after them. On the playground, Richards and Amber caught and taken to the hideout of the resistance, where they learn of his “death”. The use of codes, the rebels entered the room ICS control “exceptional Richards send pictures and reveal the truth before the game” winner “. If Richards leads to the ground floor of the studio, surprise the audience, who had seen probably die fighting and killing Amber Dynamo, the last remaining hunter .

Richards faces Killian, who – after his bodyguards, a decision Sven taken enough abuse Killian and leave the studio – said he created the show in favor of the reality and violence on television to appease the US. In response, Richards decided to give the public what it wants Killian says play on a rocket. The sled hit a sign and exploded, killing Killian to the delight of the audience. Amber Richards and share a kiss when they leave the studio. So Download Running Man 2015 Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.