Rough Cut Full Movie

Rough Cut

Original Name: Rough Cut

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Romance

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.6


Release Date: 19 June 1980

Director: ,

Download Rough Cut Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Comedy and Crime film of 1980 which is directed by Don Siegel. To its credit, “rough” to pay homage to their sources. Start Burt Reynolds made his representation of Cary Grant, in fact, this is the kind of film tension soft Cary Grant would have done, with many references to the of. Reynolds plays in the league right – you can mix-and-white rut hidden so cunning Grant mention in some cases – but the movie itself does not really do it. Director this time is the master of the last of Hollywood, Don Siegel, who recently starred in Clint Eastwood greater success. Siegel very good in action movies.

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But if you turn the reins a bit, “because it’s in an effort sophisticated tone of the film tends to be flat. There are times when” rough “is just a waste of time, and the film we never give that feeling. The film is about a professional thief (Burt Reynolds), who meets a beautiful girl at a party, she discovers a thief, and drops her. The girl (Leslie Anne Down), it seems more complicated than it seems. There is obsessed with embezzlement as blackmail by the head of Scotland Yard inspector (David Niven). It is the largest after the game that Reynolds arrest in an appropriate climax of his life – and want to use the girl as bait.

So here we have a complex situation and that only gets more complicated when the Reynolds begins to suspect what is happening, and then of course there are many other events that will say dreams. This is a bit of a double-reverse situation Hitchcock Love: How men and women fall in love, and romantic feelings are intertwined with the crimes in question, and the mean height of both ethical decisions and romance. One problem is that we do not care enough chemistry between Burt Reynolds and Lesley Ann Down.

They are assigned a matchbox of fencing that is very smart to hold true feelings. We can not say if they prefer sometimes seems honest and intelligent. However, David Niven one of their presentations and the shape of the brave world factory patented weary and cynical, even though we in the end you do not understand and think. Soundtracks overtime mood: “Caravan” Nelson Riddle housekeeper classical works, arranged by Duke Ellington, who sometimes seem very smooth, actually, but sometimes the obvious crashingly, such as when the police car procession accompanied.

There are other references to classical sources. “Rough Cut” has at least three specific references to Hitchcock (a second job, a story “to catch the thief” speeding police car behind the heroine of “notorious” and windmills as a cover for the airport, “Foreign Correspondent”). Combine this with Cary Grant tradition and you have a film that was very clear on the desired category to play with. But he does it in the semifinals. ” Cut raw “, wants a sophisticated comedy of jewel thief American soft (Burt Reynolds), a beautiful woman, highborn English (Lesley Anne Down) who steals things for fun, a film and confusing.

To find out what attempting to adjust the pieces of three different puzzles. Not everything fits. Although ” rough ” directed by Don Siegel (” Escape from Alcatraz ”, ” Dirty Harry ” and ” Charlie Varrick ”, among other hits), and there is no sign of a sense of Siegel unusual type of work is similar, perhaps because Mr. Siegel abandoned the project after it has been developed by David Merrick, producer, and was written by Francis Burns. Would not fixed, I do not know what happened, but it may also be that Mr. Siegel has no talent for comedy of this kind, which, together with every jest dialogue, leading to significant differences between the style of the artists and in many often crazy things I have to say.

” Cut raw “, which was filmed in England, with trips to the mainland to Hawaii, is full of what he calls the trade” production values “(garden looks luxurious apartments and scenic) With the score by Duke Ellington adapts well by Nelson Riddle. Unfortunately, this does not match the elegant script. The story, based on the ” lion claw Touch ” Derek Lambert, is more promising and just a little “poor in ways that appeal to Mr. Siegel: Gillian beautiful Bromley (Miss bottom), who is obsessed with embezzlement and extortion Scotland Inspector Willis Square (David Niven) Jack Rhodes (Mr. Reynolds) to withdraw in an attempt to steal 30 million of rough diamonds.

Inspector at the mandatory retirement point, want to go out in a blaze of headlines hailed the arrest of the most successful jewel thief in the 20s. It should be done in such a novel, complex extortion plot with two of treason, including the bottom of the lady with the American thief. But all this is just to travel in time. When you go into the caper film itself, which occupies the last quarter of the draw “,” rough “” suddenly gets its identity as an action movie, but it’s almost too late. At this time, we will lose interest. And “all the terrible dialogue.

When speaking enthusiasts, the design (I think) remember the characters in the comedy before existed before the common market Noël Coward, but mostly looks like Han Solo and Princess Leia in “The Empire Strikes Back”. ” Touche! “” Gillian Bromley cries of joy when Jack Rhodes will be good. Mr. Reynolds, a great comedian in various circumstances, it seems sad when he refuses to answer luxury French pastries, “It is not for me. Guido. All attractive offers, including Miss bottom, which is a kind of bonus, because it meets only enough to stand (or sit or lie down) there. So Download Rough Cut Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.