Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Full Movie

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Original Name: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.9


Release Date: 14 June 1991


Download Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Full Movie and it is 1991 Hollywood action, adventure and drama film directed by Kevin Reynolds. Robin of Locksley (Costner), an English nobleman who joined the Third Crusade, Richard the Lionheart, King of England, was imprisoned in Jerusalem, along with teammate Pedro.

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Robin fled, saving the life of a Moor named Azeem (Freeman) in the process, but Peter died during the escape and Robin swear to protect his sister Marian (Mastrantonio). Robin returns to England with Azeem, who held him to go to debt repayment for saving his life.

England with King Richard still far away, steering cruel Sheriff of Nottingham (Alan Rickman) the country, helped by his cousin Guy of Gisbourne (Michael Wincott), along with the witch Mortianna (Geraldine McEwan) and corrupt bishop of Hereford (Harold Innocent). In the castle Locksley, Robin’s father (Brian Blessed) is killed by sheriff’s deputies after refusing to go on.

Robin returns to England for his dead father, his house in ruins, and the sheriff and his men to oppress people. Fleeing forces Sheriff, Robin and Azeem tackled by a group of bandits hiding in Sherwood Forest, led by Little John (Nick Brimble). Among the band’s Will Scarlet (Slater), who does not like war grudge against Robin and Robin was reluctant to show their true feelings.

Robin guess eventually command of the group, encourages his men to fight for Nottingham and allow them to defend themselves. She forces and convoys stealing through the woods, then stole distribute wealth among the poor. One of his first goals is Friar Tuck (Mike McShane), which then binds to these gay men, and Marian begins to sympathize with the band and Robin makes all the help you can muster.

Robin successes rage sheriff, increasing abuse of people, leading to increased support for Robin Hood. Scottish Celtic warriors take to strengthen their forces, the sheriff can locate the hideout of outlaws “and launches an attack, destroying the forest protection. Marian is limited when it comes to asking for help from France.

To consolidate his claim to the throne, the sheriff must Marian (ie cousin Richard), which states that, if approved, will save the lives bandits trapped. But some of the rebels is due to be hanged, as part of the wedding party. Among those captured is Will Scarlet, which apparently makes a deal with the sheriff to find and kill Robin released.

Will be reunited with Robin and a handful of his most trusted employees who survived the attack Celts. Instead of attacking Robin, Will says sheriff plans to Marian and Robin run men married. You will still raging against Robin, Robin pulls then question why he hates so much. Then revealed his younger brother Robin is illegitimate; Will mother was a farmer with his father, mother Robin took solace Robin had died.

The anger over Robinson against his father took him to leave her and let will be. Even anger Robin against his father with another woman, who is happy to know that he has a brother and hugs will. The wedding day and tapestry, Robin and his men infiltrate Nottingham Castle, prisoners release. Even Robin band originally planned to free their friends and retreat, Azeem reveals himself and his will to fight against the sheriff, turning the next peasants revolt.

After a fierce battle, Robin kills the sheriff, but is attacked by Mortianna accused of a spear. Azeem kills Mortianna offers the promise of its debt to give life to Robin. Meta also kills the Bishop, after tax and a window to throw it performs. Robin and Marian profess their love for each other and get married in the forest. Your wedding is interrupted by the return of King Richard (Sean Connery), who blesses the marriage and thank Robin for his actions.

The ads are wrong. Kevin Costner absolutely not “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” and its remarkable clumsiness in the role of rebel attention to the problems with this version mutilated, sometimes effectively stronger have an English legend to decide which way you want to present the world in general.

As a manufacturer of many other big budget summer movie, the creators of who has 50 million, but the “Robin Hood” (the whole city) $ survived clearly in fear that there is a segment of the mass audience who can not come. Well covered when not one but three different films, improvise with high hopes that everyone would find in the sound of the mighty voice of Time Warner little “something to suit you.

No wonder that the legend of the 12th century, the noble bandit who stole from the rich to the poor and still time to pay for some pampering hand shot no less (and maybe more) eight times. This version, but it breaks with tradition to start with Robin Hood as a prisoner in Jerusalem cross, more or less follows the joke, spectator sport away from its predecessors in terms of plot.

Soon return Robin home to the good people of the district under the thumb terrible effort evil Sheriff of Nottingham, which raises cash and grinning Lady Marian find while good King Richard the Lionheart is inevitable abroad. So Download Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.