Robin Hood 2018 Full Movie

Robin Hood 2018

Original Name: Robin Hood

Genre: Adventure

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.5


Release Date: 23 March 2018


Download Robin Hood 2018 full movie and it is Hollywood Adventure film directed by Joby Harold. There is one consistent tradition in the orally handed down tale of Robin Hood: the legend always changes. Slight variations and alterations have always accompanied each next version, and there is no one right way to tell the story. I quite enjoyed the mashup featured in Men in Tights. This is the modern Hollywood epic version, convolution and all. Here, no piece of the backstory is taken for granted. Arian and Robin don’t know each other, they meet each other. We explore the means by which Robin acquires the title of Loxley. Additional characters like Philip and Godfrey complicate the plot. ichard is featured as less than honorable as we know him from previous tales; that’s not unexpected this day in age.

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This turns out to be a prequel Robin Hood story, and I’m assuming some of the story was gathered by fictionalization of real history between French and English conflicts. They may also come from previous Robin Hood tales; I don’t know, there are an abundance of stories. For Robin Hood buffs, the surprising alteration may be the death of King Richard early on. The writers can get away with this because historically, from a narrative perspective, he doesn’t need to be alive.

This also opens them up to attack. And rather than Richard be some kind, loving king, he is at most empathetic, but cruel to punish those who would speak their mind. Robin is not out to defend the honor of Richard, he just wants to be out of this crusade mess, which he disagrees with. He gets attached to something else, a pact with a dying knight – Robert of Loxley – to bring his sword to his father and inform him of his death. Robin sets off with his Merry Men, not thinking he’ll fulfill the obligation, but feeling more compelled as a voice of destiny speaks from within, reacting to the words on Robert’s sword.