Rising Sun Full Movie

Rising Sun

Original Name: Rising Sun

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.2


Release Date: 30 July 1993


Download Rising Sun Full Movie and it is 1993 Hollywood action, crime and drama film directed by Philip Kaufman. During a party at the offices in the US by a Japanese company, is a professional escort named Cheryl Lynn Austin found dead, apparently after a violent sexual encounter.

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Detectives Smith and John Connor, a former police captain and expert on Japanese police Web dispatched to serve as a link between the Japanese and the investigating officer, former partner Tom Graham Smith.

In the first study, Smith believes that the elements pointing to a sexual relationship and murder; But Connor insists that there is a deeper commitment to the company. After an exhaustive search, Connor gets a disc with surveillance material on the night of the murder. This latter is a digitally edited video from the murder itself.

The change means Eddie Sakamura, who is the son of a wealthy Japanese businessman (an old friend of Connor). Eddie seems to have killed fleeing a police chase, then detonated his sports car, but later that failed and finally killed after a shootout with armed men Japanese, but not before he gives Connor original disk unchanged.

Although it is obvious that Lieutenant Graham are really working with the Japanese faction. After re-original images remain unchanged, Connor and Smith find the video shows that prostitutes were unconscious after hard sex with a powerful senator at the party, and that an employee of the company was still hanging after Senator.

Video stills Connor sends senator and his entourage, and commits suicide senator. The head of the company supports Japanese knowledge of the crime and the subsequent cover-up had, and relegates the author of the skin of an office job in Japan. Assistant Enterprises Bob Richmond, apparently identified as the murderess and escape, but soon Yakuza attended Friends of Eddie, who is buried in the wet cement.

In the last scene in the movie savvy average disposable Japanese Jingo Asakuma doubt it was the murderess, or trap have been taken to protect someone higher in the organization. So Download Rising Sun Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.