Resident Evil: Extinction Full Movie

Resident Evil: Extinction

Original Name: Resident Evil: Extinction

Genre: Action, Horror, Movies, Sci-Fi

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.3

Country: , , , ,

Release Date: 21 September 2007


Download Resident Evil: Extinction Full Movie and it is 2007 llywood action, horror and sci-Fi film directed by Russell Mulcahy. Alice (Jovovich miles) wakes up in the house. Defeated several obstacles, including the laser room from the first film with a knife large ceiling in the case of a hospital corridor. And eventually killed by miniature rotary machine who shot him in the stomach.

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His body was taken and thrown in jail. Then fill the hole with hundreds of clones of Alice. The camera zooms out to show the state of the system before the masked men from top to bottom (the rest of the structure is underground). It is surrounded by a solid fence height and thousands of zombies around.

Despite the best efforts of pollution umbrella cell hide with the output of the T-virus to the surface, and go as far as the destruction of Raccoon City to support T- virus spreads all over the world. As the virus spreads, affecting humans, but other plants and animals as well, and the environment detoriated the world quickly, and turn them into ghost towns and desert landscapes in the wild desert.

Alice wanders land fallow you get closer to the southwestern United States to hear the group to ask for help on the radio, which broadcast station KLKB, where refuge. It seems that they are a group of thieves, stealing the victims who came to help. One of the slaps Alice and tries to rape her, but she kicked him in the chin while spitting blood from his mouth and died. Alice beat them unconscious and placed in the basement a few dog fight infection, but it will defeat them, and let them loose on their owners and killed them.

At the same time, Dr. Sam Isaacs, former president of the Project Alice, and current director of the Center for the umbrella of North America, driven in Nevada significant environmental regain Alice sees a top priority, because it has the potential of the virus mutating T and binding and not suffer.

Tried to persuade the umbrella of the Council, of a hologram from around the station Umbrellla the world, and that he could use his blood to find a lasting solution to the development, as well as tame the infected. Chairman Albert heady new awning (Jason O’Mara) orders Isaacs to take the clone used to create a cure, grab Alice refuses to authorize even been informed of its location.

At the same time, (Ali Larter) convoy of Claire Redfield, which included victims of Raccoon City, Carlos Olivera (Oded Fehr) and LJ (Mike Epps), along with the survivors of the new K–Mart (Spencer Locke), Mikey (Christopher Egan), Chase (Linden Ashby) and nurse Betty (Ashanti Douglas), along with others, and traveling across the country.

If you’re looking for hotel supplies, LJ patients. He holds a secret location to warn everyone. The next morning and attacked the convoy before the cock who was injured feed. Shit overcome almost convoy, killing Nurse Betty and taking a flamethrower operator, causing the weapon to the Karen out of control.

Alice seems Provides Carlos and others from the fire dead, using his air forces Monaco with a blanket cover fire, killing the rooster. Alice is introduced to Claire and give her diary found. The book says that there is a “safe zone” in Alaska. Alice and Carlos convince Claire to take her convoy Alaska. They decided to go to Las Vegas to search for supplies for their trip to Alaska.

Nutrition experiments, Dr. Isaac contaminated and led to the coma of a new strain similar to the basics, such as how to use a cell phone with a camera. Safety Officer heady, Captain Alexander Slater (Matthew Marsden), is insisting on the umbrella Isaacs violate the rules. Slater does not accept that the “super zombie” (Prime Crimson) would be useful, but stressed that Isaacs is out of control. Heady, individually, and in the light of Slater’s look at the work of Isaac, and that if they disobeyed his orders directly, Slater remove Isaacs work. ”

Triangulates the position of the umbrella is not based on the ability of Monaco. Dr. Isaacs has a new cage has a coma, the convoy, heady tasks specified in the trap. LJ die from infection and disease Carlos. And killed more than convoy, including Chase and Mickey in an ambush. Alice umbrella attempt to close the distance, but he broke free of their software and keep fighting. Isaacs found at the scene, and wounded while trying to escape. Alice and K- Mart use computers Isaacs control the path of the helicopter, causing the parachute field under the ground.

Convoy to go to the site, which is surrounded by zombies. Carlos sacrifices himself by plowing his car into a group of zombies and people to rescue them all, and to give victims time Alice Claire load helicopter. Alice decided to stay.

According to the heady stop Isaacs, Slater with a group of special forces, and scientific locked in his lab, to inject himself with large doses of anti-virus software in an attempt to deal with this disease, he explained that the zombies and promotion, and as such, largely because of anti-virus software. Disobeying orders to stop Slater, because it will only increase the mutation.

Issacs refuses, and Slater appears to be ending his tribe, the boom has caused violence. Despite keeping his mind and thoughts, and Isaac Slater death, and death all employees at the facility, but is limited to a laboratory for the lower level.

Entering the facility, Alice meets her sister in the process AI Red Queen, Princess White (Madeline Carroll). Queen Alice White light that his blood is the treatment of T- viruses, defending the actions as well as the Red Queen. Alice says Dr. Isaacs. Alice agrees to deal with them.

On his way down the stairs to the lab, Alice discovers one of his clones, are still continuing. Clone awake, but apparently died of shock after Alice. Alice receives a replica of the house in which he lived and saw Isaac, his struggle with the same force and psychological.

They are in a replica of moving the laser cell, is not waiting for the arrival of the search network found Isaac cut into cubes. Just as Alice is about to face the situation, the system is turned off, and his assistant, who revived inexplicably.So Download Resident Evil: Extinction Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.

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