Resident Evil: Afterlife Full Movie

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Original Name: Resident Evil: Afterlife

Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror, Movies

Language: English, Japanese, Spanish

IMDB Rating: 5.9

Country: , , ,

Release Date: 10 September 2010


Download Resident Evil: Afterlife Full Movie and it is a Hollywood horror film directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. Resident Evil: Afterlife is action, adventure & horror movie. In a world laid waste by a viral infection, plowing its dupes into the Unread, Alice goes forward on her travel to discover survivors and extend them to guard. Her deathly struggle with the Umbrella Corporation attains new elevations but Alice acquires some surprising assistance from a former acquaintance.

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Director Paul W.S. Anderson is a precise hit n miss kinda boy. The first film I saw of his, 1997’s Event Horizon, blew me away it was a nightmarish, spooky as hell sci fi shocker. But subsequently he went and ruined that resolved space following the ludicrous 2004 monstrosity AVP Alien vs. Predator.

Unfortunately for the both of us Resident Evil: Afterlife sees Anderson returning to cinematic deck considering a stunningly tedious exercise in 3D CGI wanker y.

Poor Milla Jovovich returns for the fourth era after 2002’s Resident Evil, 2004’s Resident Evil: Apocalypse and 2007’s Resident Evil: Extinctionas the ass kicking, supermodel looking Alice, the sole survivor of virus experiments that went awry and left the world a zombie-infested wasteland.

Because the films are all based approaching a first-person shooter video game, the nimbly armed Alices main slant toward in liveliness is to hop on and blast the hell out of zombies or slice and dice them as soon as knives and swords. But in Afterlife she behind the foster of a bunch of clones spends mannerism too much become primeval blasting the hell out of heavily armed troops.