Resident Evil Full Movie

Resident Evil

Original Name: Resident Evil

Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.7

Country: , , ,

Release Date: 15 March 2002


Download Resident Evil Full Movie and it is 2002 Hollywood action, horror and sci-Fi film directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. Raccoon City Over there is a center for genetic research called the Hive, owned by the Umbrella Corporation.

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A thief steals Genetic Engineering T-virus contaminates Beehive with him. In response, the artificial intelligence system, the Red Queen, seal the hive and inside to kill someone.

Alice wakes with amnesia in an abandoned house. Dresses and the country is governed and presented by an unknown person. A command group breaks into the building and arrest the person, presented as Matt Addison, who has just moved as a police officer of Raccoon PD explained that everyone in the group, with the exception of Matthew, an employee of the Umbrella Corporation, Alice and Spence and your partner are guards an entrance to the hive under the guise of a couple living in the house.

Five hours earlier, the Red Queen closed throughout the installation and commissioning of gas amnesia freedom cause. The management team do not know why the Red Queen closed system. The group travels to the tunnel under the house, leading to the hive, where they find Spence. Start the train traveling in the installation.

Ranges doubles, but protected by a laser defense system that four commands, including the leader, One. Kaplan from the Red Queen and blackouts kills, open all the doors Hive. This frees staffs and containment zombified contains Lickers, mutant animals. During a battle with zombies, the rain is bitten, JD decade.

Alice’s getting his memories back, but Matt and Alice left the group. Matt tries information about her sister Lisa, while Alice meets more infected dogs and surprised as reflected defends martial arts.

Matt finds his sister zombies. Alice saves and Matt explains that he and Lisa were environmentalists. Lisa infiltrated Umbrella smuggle evidence of illegal experiments. Alice remembers that she was contacted Lisa in the basket and umbrella suggested to break down, but tells Matt. The survivors gathered in the chamber for the queen. Commands for declaring an hour before closing Beehive, catching them in.

Alice and the Red Queen Kaplan turned to find the starting block and a switch Red Queen so you can connect your computer remotely to force cooperation. If they flee through the tunnel maintenance, attacked by zombies. Kaplan bite and separated from the group.

Alice recalls that anti-virus in the laboratory, but when they come, they do not. Spence regains his memory, realizes stable and virus released. Hid the T-virus and anti-virus on the train. Spence is bitten, surviving in the laboratory, and heads for the train trapped. The anti-virus is restored, but ambushed and killed by a Licker see how the survivors of a monitor.

The Red Queen Alice and Matt offers to save if they kill Rain, whose health is fading and that is too long for the anti-virus infected to work reliably. As Licker trying to reach them, Rain says Alice to kill her. Alice refuses, then the power goes off. The lab door opens to reveal Kaplan, the Red Queen goes to open the door. They arrive at the station, where Alice Spence distributes a zombified and remove the virus.

On the train, rain and Kaplan injected the virus. However, the Licker hiding on a train, and the attacks, crabs Matt. The Licker Kaplan takes and throws off the train. Alice and Matt fight Licker. The rain becomes a zombie and is Matt, but it kills. Open a trap door, drop Licker under the train and killed him. Matt and Alice escape the hive as the doors closed containment.

At the castle, begins Matt wounds to change. Alice before opening the palace antivirus and doors can give a group of scientists and Umbrella take advantage commands. Exposed Alice and Matt away, showing that it goes in the Nemesis program, and plans to re-open the hive. Alice tries to fight them, but remains unconscious. So Download Resident Evil Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.